How to Start a Diet


Start is always the most difficult stage of the way you are going to keep. You can have plans, ideas and goals in your head, but it’s still imagination if you didn’t start yet.

It’s the same about dieting. You are wearing your favorite jacket, and you feel not comfortable, because it’s little bit small for you now. You look at yourself at the mirror, and you are not happy with what you see. You want to lose fat and be proud of yourself looking at gorgeous image in the mirror. You imagine how stunning you will look. You imagine a picture of a successful person, who achieved the aim and got a great body. You already feel yourself a winner, but it’s not even the start. It can be a good motivation, if you really start working on your body. But at this stage it’s just a picture and it takes some time to plan what diet and workout routine you will keep.

At the next stage you are reading hundreds of articles about dieting in the internet. There are so many different kinds of diets, and again it takes time to choose your diet.

Fine, you made a decision. You chose a diet. Perfect. It seems nothing gonna stop you, right? You are ready to be stunning. But today it’s Wednesday, and you might think it’s not good to start a diet on Wednesday. Who does that? Next Monday would be much more butter. It’s the start of the week, so it’s perfect time to start a diet. And you have few days to eat your favorite burgers before a tough, strict eating regime, which will lead you to success.

Cool, during these few days you eat so much and you really enjoy food, that on Monday you think that maybe you can start after one week, and it’s ok, you have a plan of dieting, so anyway you will be able to keep it.

It’s an endless story. You just keep postponing efforts you could do today. You are wasting your time. You are losing every day. And at the end, you become stressed because you didn’t lose weight and didn’t start a diet. You did NOTHING. You just got extra kilos.

Is it really what you want?

You have a plan to lose weight and be stunning, so what are you waiting for? DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME and start diet today. Not tomorrow, not after one week, just do it today!

The faster you start dieting, the faster you will achieve your aim.

Don’t be lazy. You have enough motivation. Just get enough power to the first real step.

Start today and you will be proud of yourself tomorrow! Start today and after few days you will already see the result!

Just do it and achieve your aims!

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