How to get a fighting shape

If your plan is to get a fighting shape, you have to be ready for hard and exhausting workouts, because to win the fight you must be strong and powerful as a stone.

Start your workout with a good warm up, which will give you enough energy for all the training and will help to avoid injuries. The best option for you is to perform a warm up outdoors, mixing running and fast walking. Fresh air and lovely music from your mp3 player will give extra energy. But if you don’t have an opportunity to do it, just use a treadmill in a gym.

To make your warm up more intensive and dynamic, perform following stretching.

1. Reverse lunge by putting your right foot behind you. From a lunge position, reach back with your right arm toward the opposite side of your body. This stretch activates that hard-to-reach lower back.

2. Lunge forward and bring your elbow to the floor on the inside of your front leg. Hold that position for a second, and then lean back and straighten the front leg. Reach forward and grab the toe for a good hamstring stretch.

To be a real fighter, continue exercising with a ladder. It’s such a challenging exercise that makes you sweat a lot and tired as if you were training for the whole day. And even more, it’s a great workout for speed, motion and concentration.

There are many variations of this exercise. You can do running or hopping two feet in each box, end of ladder and back. Do whatever you want, mix and match exercises and have fun during training.

To involve glutes and shoulders in your workout routine, do a single-leg glute bridge.

Put your upper back on a bench and spread your arms out. Put your weight on one heel and put the other leg in the air. Thrust the hips upward and then bring them back down. Squeeze your glutes at the top.

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