How to keep a great shape

When we just start dieting and exercising for getting a great body, everything seems to be working. You are superb motivated and have enough energy to move on, but here comes a moment, when your progress stopped. You might still be keeping a diet and exercising, but it doesn’t give a result anymore.

What to do to keep a great shape and maintain the physique?

Your eating habits may completely change during this stage of maintaining your shape. Instead of keeping a low-carb diet and consuming a lot of proteins, now it’s turn for vitamins and minerals. They will keep your muscles healthy and strong. No doubts, you will still need protein, but you don’t have to be so stuck to it now.  Try new food and receipts to make your eating regime not so boring and enjoy variety of food.

Add more calories to your diet

Now your aim is not just to lose weight, but to become stronger. You need enough calories for your muscles, just keep balance and don’t overeat.

For maintaining your physique, you can consume 2 supplements – whey protein and multivitamin. Whey protein will prevent catabolism of muscle tissue, while multivitamin is good for overall health.

To keep a great shape you should also change a workout routine. If before you were used to go to a gym 5 times a week, now try to go just 2 or 3 times and change types of activities you performed.

You can add some cardio to your training regime

It will help you to drop some body fat, so that you will look and feel better. Don’t neglect jogging on the treadmill few times a week. You can also perform some yoga for stretching your muscles. Be creative and change your former habits.

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