Part I: Popular fitness myths

When you start dieting, it’s very important to distinguish what is an enemy to your diet and what is a friend. When you are a beginner, you read so many articles of diet fiction that it becomes difficult to recognize fitness myths. If you learn before starting a diet, you will be able to distinguish fitness myths and real tips, which help to lose weight and get a great shape.

Myth 1. You can find carbs only in bread and noodles.

During last decades it became so popular to keep a low-carb diet, but dieters believe that carbs are found only in bread and noodles. This is false. You can also find carbs in fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. So, be careful, if you keep a low-carb diet.

Myth 2. It’s impossible to gain muscles after 40.

This is completely rubbish. Of course when you are 40, you should check your health and abilities to train, but it doesn’t mean you can’t gain muscles. It can be more difficult, but nothing is impossible.


Myth 3. Caffeine is your enemy.

The only problem with caffeine is that some people become too dependent on it, and as a result it leads to overconsumption. If you keep balance in consuming caffeine, it will help you to get energy for your workouts.

Myth 4. If you are a vegetarian, soy is the only protein for you.

It’s not the only option. In fact, there are plenty of options such as rice protein, pea protein and hemp protein.

Myth 5. If you have big muscles, it means you are strong.

Size and shape is not the same. There is a huge difference in types of workouts to be strong and to gain big muscles. It doesn’t mean that if you have big muscles, they are not strong. It only means that big muscles are not always strong.

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