Part II: Popular fitness myths

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Myth 6. If you are not completely exhausted the day after workout, it means your workout wasn’t good enough.

If you did your best in a gym and was training for few hours, it doesn’t mean you have to be sore next day. Everything depends on your body structure and abilities. Judge your workouts not by the level of soreness, but by the progress you make.

Myth 7. You can build muscles lifting light weight for many reps.

If you train only with light weights, you will not get the needed muscles just because it’s not enough. And don’t forget, if you don’t have enough muscle mass, you won’t burn much fat.

Myth 8. The less you eat, the better it is for yourself.

No doubts, it’s not good to overeat, but if you don’t consume enough protein and vitamins, you won’t have power and energy for a hard training. If you eat just few sources of proteins a day, you will end up with deficiency of vitamins and bad health.

Myth 9. Fruit can’t make you fat.

We all truly believe that fruit is a perfect snack, because it will never make us fat. But the problem is that any kind of food can make you fat, if you consume it too much. Moreover, fruit contains a lot of carbs, which will stop you from burning the fat.

Myth 10. The only good diet is cutting all the curbs from your eating habits.

If you cut out all carbs from your eating program, it doesn’t mean you will lose all the hatred fat and will look like an athlete. For sure, that’s not enough. The perfect program for losing weight and getting a great shape is an appropriate diet and training program.

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