Be a perfect training partner

When you go to a gym and find a training partner, it doesn’t mean your partner is the only one who must help and support. You will also be a training partner for him, and you will be partially responsible for his progress and results. It’s a team work. He is going to support you, and you MUST do your best to motivate and support him.

Being a good partner in a gym is not about showing up and being such a cool guy in front of others. Being a good partner is being a best friend in the gym friendship.

If you want to be a perfect training partner, first rule for you to keep is never be late for workouts.


Your buddy relies on you, and you can betray him and make him feel down just because you can’t keep time. Make sure you are on time, and it’s even better to be few minutes earlier to show that you are the person he can count on.

Don’t be that kind of people, who are always offended by criticism. We all are not perfect and can make mistakes. Just keep in mind, that your partner is not willing to insult you. He just wants you to develop your skills and be the best. Learn from the criticism you hear.

If you truly want to help your training partner, you must know what the motivation is. If you just know the goals of your partner, it’s nothing. To be really helpful, you should know reasons your buddy follow and how to make him even more motivated. Always remind your partner why he is doing these exercises and what goals he will achieve, if he keeps doing his best.

Turn off your cell phone, not to be disturbed by the outside world, always stay positive and enthusiastic and be for your training partner the best friend in the gym.

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