Stay fit on the road

If you have to travel after few days and don’t want to destroy your diet and training regime, you can continue exercising and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry. Lack of equipment is not an excuse for being lazy and neglecting working out.

Some hotels have gyms, so that you can easily use all the necessary for your trainings equipment. If you are going to stay not in a hotel, but in some hostel or apartment, you can find a local gym nearby.

But it’s not always going to work. If you don’t have time or access to go to the gym, just use the facilities you have. As soon as you enter a new room, check out everything what you’ve got.


It might be just a small area, which has nothing to do with a gym, but it still has some facilities for you to keep your workout regime. At least you can do simple push-ups.

One of the best exercises in your case is squatting. Squats work the entire body, with emphasis on the legs, back and glutes. To add some resistance to your exercise, you can use your usual suitcase. Place it on your back, out front to emphasize your quads and abs, or high overhead target your spinal erectors and shoulders.

For getting more strength, do the home version of the Romanian dead lift. Just pick a heavy object off the ground and do reps from the top down, working on your hamstrings, glutes and low back.

You will be surprised, but you can use just usual hotel towels for stretching your muscles. To perform the shoulder stretch, simply hold the towel overhead with your arms fully extended, tugging slightly at the edges. Roll the towel out in front, over your head, and behind your back.

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