Free Weights vs. Cable Machines

The comparison of cable machines to free weights has been a topic of discussion among fitness enthusiasts and exercise professionals alike. The two can improve muscular definition and strength, while each has certain benefits that the other does not. The strength training equipment you use may come down to your personal preference and training goals. According to the best routine will use both machines and free weights for each muscle group.»

Spartacus Workout Routine, Burn Fat Faster Than Ever!

Stop wasting your gym time and lose your gut for good! Want to do it with me? Here we go! Station 1: Goblet Squat. Station 2: Mountain Climbers Station 3: Single-arm dumbbell swing Station 4: T-pushup Station 5: Split Jump Station 6: Dumbbell Row Station 7: Dumbbell side lunge and touch Station 8: Pushup-position Row (Renegade Row) Station 9: Dumbbell lunge and rotation Station 10: Dumbbell push press »
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