Best Brands For Women’s Supplements

Women and men have entirely different dietary needs. Although both men and women need a healthy balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, along with good proteins and fats. It’s the amount of these foods that need to be consumed that differ for each gender.

Calcium, for example, is very important for both men and women, yet the amount of mg’s they should consume is somewhat different. Calcium is believed to help lower the risk of osteoporosis in both men and women. However, studies have shown that too much calcium in men can increase their risk of prostate cancer.The recommended amount of calcium intake per day for women is 1000mg’s, while men should have no more than 800mg’s per day.

The same goes for supplements. Both men and women should be taking at least some form of supplements for the maintenance of good health. Other reasons to take supplements include weight loss, weight gain for bulking up muscles and dietary needs. Again, the supplements needed to assist in a good health regimen differ for men and women. So what are the best supplements specific to women? Read on to learn about some of the best supplements available to women regardless of their health needs.

best supplements

Weight Loss


The first thing women change when embarking on a weight loss journey is what and how much they eat. Regardless of how good weight loss is for you, it can still be a small shock to your system, making supplements a necessary option. The first eating habit we change is how much we consume as well as reducing the fat intake, which can inadvertently deprive the body of what it needs to stay healthy and energetic. This is where supplements come in.


Multi Vitamins


If you are planning on starting a daily exercise regime, or if you just want to maintain a healthy balance for you system, then multivitamins are vital. Ultimate Nutrition-Super Complete Formula is one of the most balanced multivitamins available. For starters, it’s high in calcium (1000mg’s) which is excellent for health maintenance for all women, not to mention the more than 20 other vitamins and minerals it contains.

If you are engaging in strength training or intense physical sport or activity, then another great dietary supplement is Musasha-ZMA+, as it is a super potent vitamin blend ideal for active women.




Protein is a vital element in assisting your body’s ability to build lean muscle. Even light workouts require protein to help your muscles recover. If your body is low in protein, it will strip protein from your muscles. The best way to avoid low protein levels in your body is to take supplements. Foods high in protein should also be consumed but is often not enough.

MHP-Probolic –SR protein supplement is a high protein low fat and sugar supplement with fast, medium and slow release protein that’s great for women who are concerned about their protein intake. This powder form supplement is a delicious mix that you can add to liquids to get the maximum amount of protein to help your body function like a well-oiled machine.




Women who wish to bulk up their muscles through weight training always require nutritional supplements in order to keep your muscles energized and fresh BCAA’s should be added to your health regime. Gen-Tec Nutrition-L-Leucine is an excellent way to promote muscular energy and recovery for strength training women. Supps R Us sell supplements in Australia from all of these great brands and more, so why not spoil your body with good health!

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