The Best Way to Utilize Foam Rollers

Sore muscles and being stiff is a great reason to skip your workout, without feeling too guilty. If you use a foam roller, you can avoid shirking off and get the benefits of a sports massage. This can improve the quality of your muscle tissue, increase your range of motion, and reduce muscle tension. It is a win-win situation, when using a form roller to gain a more effective workout.

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Foam Rollers and Muscle Fatigue

More and more personal trainers are carrying this versatile piece of equipment in their bag of tricks and for good reason. Foam rollers got their start in the field of massage therapy and the fitness community has pick up on their many uses. When a physical or massage therapist uses a foam roller on a client, they are aiming to eliminate muscle trigger points and relax muscles that are too tight. It should be pointed out that using foam rollers would cause pain. It is common sense to use the right equipment at the right time, and you can apply the same when using foam rollers.
If you are sensitive to pain, or have very tight muscles, you should start out with a softer foam roller, but if you have used foam rollers in the past a denser version can be appropriate, especially if you have muscle trigger points that are more difficult to reach. These muscle knots are sensitive spots that have resulted from an injury or not letting an overactive muscle relax, and they can cause headaches, dizziness, joint and muscles pain and more.

Using Foam Rollers during your Entire Workout

We live in a world full of technology and have multiple devices that we lug with us to the office, including our mobile or iPad, but when it comes to out fitness routine that is not always the best way to go. When you integrate a foam roller into your regular routine, you can utilise it in the beginning to warm up your muscles making your workout more effective, you can also use it to challenge your core during your workout and lastly, you will be able to manipulate and relax those tender spots when you are done. Having such an adaptable piece of gear at your disposal is valuable.
You can get the most benefits from foam rolling if you following a simple plan of action. Industry experts in kinesiology and physical therapy have been using the foam rolling method since the 1940’s and it will continue with an upswing with those who want to gain the most out of the time working their bodies.

Steps to Making the Most of your Foam Roller

It is easy to make your foam roller more than an accessory. With an exercise, hydration is key. Drink plenty of fluids beforehand since we all know hydrated muscles are more pliable. You need to ease into your rolling, breathing steadily and relaxing, even if you feel pain. It is best to cover at least an inch per second while rolling. You will come across parts of your muscles that are tender, but it is best to focus on those. Pause on those areas for a few seconds and you will feel the muscle releasing. As you get used to rolling, try moving sideways, but NEVER roll over bone or a muscle. You need to concentrate on the tightest muscle groups

Your foam roller routine will get easier the more you progress. If you are in the market for a new roller, check out for fitness related needs.


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