Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Schedule 

An intimate look at Arnold Schwarzenegger at Gold’s Gym, Venice, in July 1973 We take you back, back to Gold’s Gym, Venice, in July 1973, for an intimate look at Arnold Schwarzenegger. Relive the blood, sweat and brutal training that forged a legend.   Source: The Summer of Arnold Schwarzenegger | FLEX Online»

The 7 Granddaddy Laws of Training 

Follow these laws to achieve optimal performance throughout your training regimen. Have you noticed how some coaches produce outstanding athletes on a regular basis? Look at Louie Simmons or Josh Bryant, for example, they always have some of the strongest men in the world under their tutelage. This isn’t some kind of supernatural coincidence, it is because they understand the laws of training and how to piece it all together to create better training programs.»
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