7 Reasons Your Muscles Stop Growing

One of the great things about working out is that when we first start there are results right away. Your training hard, your feel great and your muscles are growing. Then all of a sudden you just stop growing. All this hard work week after week and your muscles are not getting any bigger. What’s the deal? I am going to discuss 7 reasons why your muscles may have stopped growing and how to get them to start growing again.»

Biceps Injuries During Muscle Building

Injuries are common in bodybuilding. Sometimes, they happen due to wrong execution techniques during workouts. This time, we’re going to reveal four types of biceps injuries that are common among bodybuilders and athletes in various sports. There are four basic types of bicep tendon injuries. The first is known as tendinitis (acute)/tendinosis (chronic) which usually occurs or is brought about from overuse or in proper biomechanical wear. The second is bicep tendon dislocations.»

Muscle Mass Diet Plan For Hardgainers – What to Eat and When to Eat It

For any hardgainer looking to gain muscle mass fast, the most important thing for them to do is focus on their eating habits. Therefore, finding the right muscle mass diet is top priority for skinny guys looking to bulk up. Below I’ll show you an example of a good muscle mass diet for hardgainers, but first I’d like to go through the most important part of a good muscle mass diet.»

The 10 Best Weight Gainers With the Cheapest Cost

There are people who find it hard to gain weight. Some even had to enroll to gym classes and purchase variety of weight gaining supplements that could be pretty expensive and time consuming. Despite of all the efforts you exert trying to achieve the weight that you desire, you can never see the results without the right kind of foods that will help you build muscle mass. There are cheap weight gainer foods and supplements are just around the corner.»

Add Width to Your Shoulders Through a Lateral Raise Exercise

The worst part of a male physique is the narrow shoulders. This emasculated aspect of their body causes embarrassing moments for them. Adding width to their shoulders is the most essential part of a body building exercise. Lateral raises are vitally important exercises in order to gain mass and width for the shoulders. Your narrow shoulders are not an issue for you now, because you can also flaunt you wide shoulders and “cannonball” look.»

Common Mistakes People Make While Going For Six Pack Abs

While working towards getting those amazing head turning six pack abs, people tend to opt for various options whether dietary and related to eating habits or exercising regimes. However, in the process these people tend to make quite a few mistakes! Here are some common mistakes made by people going for six pack abs! The basic mistake made by people following a six pack abs exercise regime is that they tend to over exercise their abdominal muscles.»
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