The Colorado Experiment: When A Bodybuilder Gained 63 Pounds Of Pure Muscle in 28 Days

Training gurus have spent a lot of time explaining how building mass is a slow process that demands a lot of willpower and patience, unless you are a genetic freak or a steroid user. And they’re mostly right. However, in 1973 Arthur Jones created a powerful exception to this rule with his famous Colorado Experiment and set the bodybuilding community on fire. And although many people doubted the validity of the results, the undeniable truth was that they were real and this was easily proven.»

6 Stretches You Need to Do If You’re Sitting All Day

Does your job require you to sit in a chair for more than six hours per day? Or maybe you spend a lot of time in your car on a daily basis? What about the habit of parking on the couch in front of the TV for a few hours before you go to bed?   ARE YOU EVEN AWARE OF YOUR SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE? We all know that a sitting for a long time every day is quite destructive to our health, but it seems we don’t take this very seriously.»

Burn Fat Build Muscle Diet? What to Eat and What to Avoid

Knowing the right burn “fat build muscle diet” is extremely important. Nutrition is just as–if not more–important than exercise in terms of achieving a good physique.   So what’s the best diet? One that works FOR your body-not against it. Always take the path of least resistance. But most bodybuilders unknowingly take the path of MOST resistance by loading up on power bars, protein shakes, red meat, fish, eggs, whey protein supplements, etc.»

Muscle Building – 16 Rules That Will Bring Impressive Results

Muscle building is for me a necessity and does not emanate from vanity. I preach against this short sighted notion for many years in Greece. Muscle building is in direct relationship with the quality of our lives and considerably contributes to a graceful aging.   Here are some diachronic rules to abide by if you are an enthusiastic amateur: 1. Do not lose your precious time by playing with light weights.»

How to Get Cut Fast? 3 Tips to Get Cut in 30 Days Or Less

How do you get cut fast? Here are 4 tips to make it happen: #1) Pay attention to what you eat The “Michael Phelps approach”–eating whatever you want, whenever you want–might work for him, but not for 99% of others. What’s the RIGHT way to eat? First you have to increase the FREQUENCY of food consumption. Try and eat 6-8 times a day-although shoot for at least 4 if this isn’t realistic.»

5 Things You Should Never Do Before a Workout

We’re pretty sure you’ve all learned how to get ready for a heavy workout by now, but how much do you know about the preparation steps that could hinder the quality of our training? You see, there are plenty of things you could do wrong before you even hit the gym and almost all of them involve overdoing your favorite pre-workout routines. So just cut down on the zealousness and read the 5 things that you should avoid doing at all costs if you want to make the best of your gym session.»

Avocado Nutrition Facts Every Six Pack Aspirer Should Know Of

You probably know that consuming a double burger and chugging down fatty shakes is definitely the wrong way to gain muscle bulk. You even know that indulging in such activities will only add ounces of flab around your midriff, thus pushing to work even harder to shape the flabby folds into a lean, tough six pack. However, you probably know more about which foods to avoid rather than the foods you should consume.»

10 Ways on How to Get Ripped Fast, Build Muscle, and Get Results

#1 30 Minutes Of Cardio Or Less You don’t want to do too much cardio. Limit it. Keep it to two days of lighter jogging and no more than 30 minutes per session. #2 Drink protein supplements Build your workout around a nutrition plan that involves a high-protein, high-carbohydrate meal about an hour beforehand and then a protein shake to follow that you can slowly sip throughout your workout. Post-workout, mix a new drink and throw it down quick.»

Weight Training – 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here is a brief guide to the commonest mistakes made by amateur weight trainers. 1. Insufficient loading of the muscular system. Many trainers use weights which are totally inadequate to sufficiently tax the muscles and elicit the desired response: muscle hypertrophy. Training e.g. with 5 kilo dumbbells will be a pure waste of time for a 90kg man. Always use weights capable of bringing distinct results! 2. Lack of progressive overload.»

Searching for the Best Fatty Acids Foods for the Perfect Six Pack?

One thing’s for sure – your body needs a lot of protein in order to get in shape and increase in bulk. However, too much regular protein will only add to your weight, whereas what you actually need is enough nutrition to increase your overall health as well. What you need is the right fatty acids foods. But First, Let’s Introduce Fatty Acids Basically, the human body needs fats in order to: Boost the nervous system Allow different cells to function well Help absorb important vitamins like A, D, E and K Enhance the immune system to fight off different ailments However, regular fats like those found in double burgers are not what your body needs.»
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