How to Get Cut Fast? 3 Tips to Get Cut in 30 Days Or Less

How do you get cut fast? Here are 4 tips to make it happen:

#1) Pay attention to what you eat

The “Michael Phelps approach”–eating whatever you want, whenever you want–might work for him, but not for 99% of others.

What’s the RIGHT way to eat?

First you have to increase the FREQUENCY of food consumption. Try and eat 6-8 times a day-although shoot for at least 4 if this isn’t realistic.

But you must eat the CORRECT foods. Simply eating junk food is just going to cause even further damage.

What are the right foods to get cut fast?

Rice, beans, fruits and vegetables, are the ideal sources for calories. And they are great because they require very little energy on the part of the digestion system–which leaves MORE ENERGY for your workout.

What about protein?

This is best achieved through lean meat such as fish. Avoid red meat, beef, and other common “fatty” protein sources you see in the bodybuilder magazines.

#2) NEVER train to failure

I know you’ve seen this one in the bodybuilder magazines-doing “one set to failure” for each workout. Many are hyping it as the best way to gain tissue mass.

But you do NOT need tons of protein–60 grams or less in many instances is more than adequate. Just don’t tell the “protein supplement” companies I said that.

It is actually one of the WORST.

Why? Because it simply does NOT enact nearly enough muscle fiber for serious muscle gains.

The only way to get results is to call into action as many muscle fibers as possible-how can that happen with just one set?

#3) Get plenty of rest

This tip gets redundant so I almost didn’t mention it–but the truth is that your sleep schedule will be the difference between getting ripped and not. You must get a minimum of 8 hours a night-this is how to get cut fast.

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