Weight Training – 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here is a brief guide to the commonest mistakes made by amateur weight trainers.

1. Insufficient loading of the muscular system.

Many trainers use weights which are totally inadequate to sufficiently tax the muscles and elicit the desired response: muscle hypertrophy.

Training e.g. with 5 kilo dumbbells will be a pure waste of time for a 90kg man.

Always use weights capable of bringing distinct results!

2. Lack of progressive overload.

Do this and you will reach a deadlock. True progress demands new challenges. Constantly try to beat your older records: ounce by ounce. Never stop to raise your standards!

3. Lack of persistence and commitment.

Never skip workouts. Muscle mass building or at least muscle maintenance will need 90′-120′ from your time each week.

Usually three 30′, intense workouts per week will be more than enough for amateurs.

4. Neglect of a static stretching routine.

You will need at least five minutes of stretching at the end of a 30′ workout.
Stretching will not alleviate soreness but will help your muscles maintain their range of motion.
You will thank yourself for this good habit when you reach your 40’s.

5. Executing a lot of isolation exercises.

For amateurs,compound/multi-joint exercises are the best investment for their time.

What’s more they are also more functional because they mimic the every day muscle movements.

Isolation exercises are better suited for bodybuilders.

The best and most effective movements are the good classic ones: squats,lunges,deadlifts,rows presses,dips, chin ups etc.

Don’t search for glamour! Search for results!

6. Lack of at least an elementary plan.

What is your objective?

– Is it muscle strength?
– Or maybe muscle hypertrophy?
– Might it be muscle endurance and definition?

You’ve got to have concrete objectives,strategies and tactics otherwise you will be changing continuously your destination,helplessly fighting in the middle of the road!

7. Lousy nutrition tactics.

You have to feed your muscles with the right nutrients. They are literally begging for this!

8. Creating imbalances and asymmetries due to preferential treatment of certain body parts. Try to be fair with your body!

9. The trap of the bigger weight.

Don’t try to impress yourself and the others! Give a priority to the right form and style. Try to execute your exercises with a flawless style.

10. Overtraining.

When weights are involved,excessive zeal will hurt. More is not better!
The biggest danger is this with too many workouts.

Don’t forget that exercise induces catabolism. It’s during the rest period that that muscle building and hypertrophy occur.

So get your rest!

Conclusion: beware of these dangers, opt for free weights and full body workouts,show character and results will follow.

To your great health!

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