Top 10 Exercises to Arm Muscle Building

Arm muscle building is popular in the building muscle arena and has all kind of different names to, like when you reach 40cm around your arms, they are called guns.

Your arm consists of three muscles, your biceps, your triceps and your forearms. But before going into the arm muscle building exercises, I want to make it clear that you will not build arm muscle if you do not eat the right nutritions and do not perform the exercises correctly.

Even if you cant lift those heavy weights to perform the right techniques, dont be hassled about it, because the agenda is to have nice definitions and make them grow.  

We will start with 4 biceps exercises, then 4 triceps exercises and finally 2 forearm exercises. With all the arm muscle building exercises, I recommend you keeping your arms close to your body, so that you are forced to use your arms and not the whole body as support.

Biceps arm muscle building exercises


Arm muscle building exercise #1: The first biceps exercise can either be performed with a barbell or dumbbells. It is the standing barbell/dumbbell curls. For heavier weights you can also choose to sit down.

Arm muscle building exercise #2: This is the hammer curl and works on your brachialis, which is an important part of your biceps and adds the extra dimension to your biceps.

Arm muscle building exercise #3: The preacher curl is a good isolation exercise for your biceps and also puts pressure on your forearms.

Arm muscle building exercise #4: The final biceps exercise is the incline dumbbell curls, which is a great exercise for your biceps as it only allows your biceps and forearms to work and not the rest of the body.

Forearm and triceps arm muscle building

Arm muscle building exercise #5: I like to start my triceps exercises with the triceps push down. You need a pully to work with and it is great as a warm-up for your triceps and a good triceps isolator.

Arm muscle building exercise #6: The close grip bench press is a great exercise to target the core triceps muscle. It’s an immense muscle builder and should always be in your tricep exercises.

Arm muscle building exercise #7: The triceps dumbbell extension can either be done sitting or standing. I prefer to do it standing as I get a more complete feeling on the triceps.

Arm muscle building exercise #8: I like the dip because you have to use your own bodyweight. When you get stronger you can even strap a weight belt around you and increase the weight for a core triceps exercise.

Arm muscle building exercise #9: Barbell/dumbbell wrist curl is great for an isolation workout for your forearms and you can notice a change in a short time.

Arm muscle building exercise #10: Reverse barbell/dumbbell wrist curl is the same as the above, but with a reverse grip.

All of the above exercise will guarantee results as they are great muscle builders. Put the arm muscle building exercises in your muscle building program as you like and enjoy doing them.

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