Top 4 Best Muscle Building Exercises – Your Muscles Loves Them!

There are some exercises considered to be the best muscle building exercises by bodybuilders for several reasons. They provide the results they are aiming for, they target the muscles they want and with the intensity they want.

We will in this article look at some of those best workouts that bodybuilders love and that you can apply for optimal results.

The Best Exercises

The exercises we will look at will be a mixture of different compound exercises that makes use of more muscles at once.

Exercise #1 – Dead Lift:


A lot of bodybuilders call this exercise “the beast from the east”, which is an understatement of the effectiveness of this exercise. It targets all of your lower body, as well as your upper body area, specifically the back.

It builds strength like almost no other exercise, which you use when working on other exercises. And it is considered to be among the best muscle building exercises because it works on your core strength and is the only exercise that targets this many muscle groups at once.


Exercise #2 – Squat:


The squat exercise is a close second in the best muscle buildingexercises. A lot of people have a continuous argument between if the squat or the dead lift is on the top of the best muscle building exercises, however, both are awesome.

The squat is an excellent exercise for your lower body that not only strengthens your muscles, but also builds them like no other exercise. And it releases essential hormones that your body needs for ultimate muscle growth.


Exercise #3 – Bench Press:


Everybody loves the bench press and there is a good reason why it is considered to be among the best muscle building exercises. Not only does it work on your chest muscles, but also on your triceps and shoulders. And it builds great punching power if you are a fighter, which is why a lot of fighters have it in their best muscle building workouts.


Exercise #4 – Dips:


When people look at the dips exercise from the outside, it can seem very easy. But it is among the best muscle building exercises because you make use of your own body weight and you work on your chest, shoulders and triceps at the same time. You can even choose to put extra weight on a weight-belt for more resistance, which is another reason why the dips is on list of the best muscle building routines.

Why These Exercises

The compound exercises are considered to be the best weight lifting exercises because not only do they require the use of more muscle groups at once, but you also build core strength that you can use with other exercises.

A lot of isolation exercises can also be put on the list because some of them target other muscle groups at the same time as well.

Include the best muscle building exercises in your workout routine and you will soon start to notice a positive difference in your physique.

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