Top Bodybuilding Weight Training Exercises – Transform Your Body

Bodybuilding weight training is usually looked upon from two different perspectives. The first one is through different bodybuilding machines and the second is through the use of free weights.

Some will say that the use of free weights for bodybuilding weight training is the best way to build muscle and though that may be true to some extent, you should however include all the different exercises to reap the full benefits.



Bodybuilding Weight Training Exercises

The reason we want a mixture of the different exercises in our bodybuilding weight training is because we want to avoid making the exercises a habit. When our body gets used to something it doesn’t see any reason to grow, but it is when you switch things up a little that you make it confused and its natural state will be to build new muscle mass.

Chest Exercises:

These are some chest exercises considered to be the favorites by experts around the world and we will also include them here.

Bench Press (You can use an incline bench, a flat bench or a decline bench): This is a great exercise for your chest area. It can be done using dumbbells or a barbell.

Chest Flyers (You can use an incline bench, a flat bench or a decline bench): Another great exercise for your chest area that is done using dumbbells or you can also use the butterfly machine.

Back Exercises:


It is important to include back exercises in your bodybuilding weight training because your back is the core and basis for all other exercises.

Dead Lift: This exercise is the mother of back exercises. Make sure to perform it correctly and you will experience great results.

Lats Pulldown: This is a great exercise performed on the lats pulldown machine and is available in almost every gym around the world.

Leg Exercises:

A lot of people neglect training the leg muscle in their bodybuilding weight training. But your legs are the biggest muscle group in your body and also helps release essential hormones for muscle growth.

Squat: This exercise basically targets all of your lower body and a lot of people see it as the best bodybuilding weight training exercise for the legs.

Leg Press: This is another great exercise that reminds a little about the squat, but this is done on the leg press machine.

Shoulder Exercises:

Shoulder Press: The Shoulder Press is an excellent exercise for your shoulder muscles. You can do it standing, sitting, with a barbell or dumbbells.

The Final Two


The final two bodybuilding weight training exercises are for your arms, namely the biceps and triceps.

Bicep Curls: You can do this exercise standing, sitting, with a barbell or dumbbells.

Close Grip Bench Press: This is the same exercise as the bench press, but with a closer grip. You can do it on the smith machine or on the bench press.

Include the above exercises in your bodybuilding weight training routine and you will realize how effective they can be in transforming your physique.



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