5 Deltoid Muscle Exercises For Maximum Muscle Development

Have you ever seen someone with muscular shoulders and you immediately start wondering what kind of deltoid muscle exercises they are doing to get those results. It would look to the average person that this person spends hours at the gym but in reality it is a result of training the right way.

It is too common to see most people doing a couple of sets of military presses or any other type of shoulder presses yet ignoring other important shoulder exercises. The shoulders or deltoid region is a complex set of muscles and working on only one group is not enough. In order for there to be proper shoulders development the muscles in the delts have to be exercised from various angles.

The deltoid muscles are broken down into the following areas: the front delts, lateral and rear delts. In order to get the proper development in these areas certain exercises have to be performed to stimulate growth.

5 Deltoid Muscle Exercises

  • Shoulder Presses: Shoulder presses are performed using dumbbells, barbells or cables. The weight is pressed over the head in a vertical motion and brought down until the arms make a 90-degree angle. Note: the weight should not be pressed behind the back or this may cause injury to the shoulders area.


  • Lateral Raises: Use dumbbells or cables to perform this exercise. Grab the weight and hold it at hip level. Bring the weight up until it is parallel to the shoulders and slowly bring the weight down.


  • Upright Row: use dumbbells, barbell or cable pulley. Hold the weight at thigh level and pull the weight up until the hands reach the upper chest. Slowly bring down the weight.


  • Bent Over Lateral Raise: Performed much like the lateral raises with the exception that you have to bend at the waist either seated or standing up. When the weight is brought up do not bend at the elbows.


  • Front Raises: Hold the weight again at thigh level and raise the weight up to shoulder level up in front of you.

Although there are other types of exercises that also work the shoulders very few work as effectively as the ones mentioned. It is important to work this muscle group with these 5 deltoid muscle exercises as they will create symmetry in the muscle and make your upper body look better.

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