Advantages of Free Weights For Weight Training



As well as using supplements such as Myoplex Deluxe from EAS in order to help with muscle gain a person can also use weight training also. When it comes to weight training there are different pieces of equipment a person can use from barbells and dumbbells which are often referred to as free weights through to machines which use a set of cables and pulleys in order to help the person lift the weights. Plus there are certain exercises (bodyweight exercises) such as pull ups and dips that can also be used as a way of gaining additional muscle mass.

Certainly for those people who are looking for the way to maximize their muscle gain they should be doing workouts which focus on using free weight exercises rather than using either machines or bodyweight exercises instead. But you should not focus solely on using free weights as in fact machines can help to stimulate the muscle fibers as well.

The problem with using just machines is that they do not provide the right kind of development for the stabilizer and synergist muscles in the body. These muscles actually support the main muscles in the body and will help them to perform complex lifting movements. Therefore the more of these muscles that are used during a work out will help to ensure that more muscle fiber is actually stimulated. One such free weight exercise that is ideal for helping this is bench presses. This is because in order to complete such a lift you will need to use the stabilizer and synergist muscles in your body whilst if you were to use a machine to carry out your bench presses this will only use the synergist rather than stabilizer muscles.

The biggest problem with using machines is that they are designed to focus on particular set of motions when a person is using them as well as providing support to the weight of the body along the path which is being moved. This in turn fails to stimulate the muscles (stabilizers) which surround the particular area of the body that you are working on at the time. Thus if the stabilizer muscles are not being used they will grow weaker and this results in the no growth occurring in any of the major muscles in that part of the body.

Certainly by using free weights with machines when carrying out any form of weight training can be extremely beneficial if you are looking for ways to gain additional muscle mass

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