Free Weights Or Machines to Build Muscle Bulk?

Have you ever noticed when you walk into the gym that most of the really well built and muscular guys are always hanging out at the free weights? (Well, that’s at least where all of the ladies will find them.)  Now, have you ever wondered why? Have you ever asked, “What are best, free weights or machines to build muscle bulk?” Truth be told, that is a very good question. Heck, even I had questioned this in the not so distance past. So let’s talk about it.

The truth is that there are actually pros and cons to using free weights and/or machines to build muscle bulk. Below is a list of the important ones….


Machines – Pros

·         the use of proper form is likely to occur

·         quick and easy adjustments for speed of use

·         helps add variety

·         spotter isn’t a necessity

Machine – Cons

·         weight is limited

·         settings and positioning is limited (one size doesn’t necessarily fit all)

·         availability of use limited during busy time at gym

Free Weight – Pros

·         essentially unlimited weight dependent on your ability

·         more options to move according to your unique body type (range of motion not restricted)

·         free weights are typically available regardless of how busy the gym is

Free Weight – Cons

·         proper form frequently compromised

·         spotter is necessary for heavy weight

·         adjustments aren’t as quick

·         weights need to be returned

As you can see there truly are good things and bad things to using either type of training equipment. But to build muscle bulk, the answer actually comes down to your needs, your preference. Incorporating both training options give you more freedom to get the workout you need based on what your situation is.

If no spotter is available and you’re lifting heavy weight, (Oh, and I assure you to build muscle bulk you do want to lift heavy), then a machine is a great option. And if you are running short on time, machines can make your workout quick. But if you want to bust a move because you’re feeling highly motivated and your best buddy “Bob” is there to give you a spot, then by all means…go for the gusto on the free weights.

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