How to Make Six Pack Abs Naturally – Learn 5 Simple Facts

There are 5 simple facts you need to learn in order to make six pack abs. I was tired of of trying different machines and sweating it out to the oldies only to lose a pound here and there but never getting lasting change. About a year ago I discovered I didn’t need to buy fancy fitness machines to get the results I wanted, I discovered that I needed to educate myself about nutrition and how to workout properly for maximum effect.


Here’s what I learned:

Fact 1 – Don’t buy and eat foods that say diet on them. Most diet foods are junk and you are better off eating fresh clean foods such as fruits in the morning, veggies of green color-leafy, eat complex carbs early in the day. Eat protein and drink a ton of water.

Fact 2 – Ab specific exercises like crunches and situps do not rip your abs. If you want to make six pack abs you need to do full body exercises that build muscles and burn fat…sitting on a machine that rocks your abs won’t burn the fat off your belly-these machines are a waste of time and money.

Fact -3 – Doing repetitive cardio exercises will cause you to plateau and your growth will stop, thats why people get frustrated and quit.

Fact -4 – You don’t need to buy and consume fad pills or potions in fact most of these are bad for you. My opinion is they are crap and they can be detrimental to your health. I can’t believe one of these hot products which is celebrity endorsed (and not to sound gross but to prove a point) can cause leakage from the anus. Sorry to be graphic but that is insane. If you eat good clean food you don’t need to take crazy pills.

Fact -5- The way to get ripped 6 pack abs and healthy organs is to eat and exercise and the fact is that it takes discipline and work. There are no short cuts except for the doing the right things and eating the right foods to cut down the time to get the results you want.

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