Total Body Dumbbell Training For Athletes


Dumbbells are great to use in strength and power training, especially for athletes. Using DB’s instead of a barbell forces each hand to work independently of one another, thereby teaching balance between the two sides of the body.

When it comes to DB’s, an entire workout can be created that utilizes muscles in almost every part of the body. From pressing movements to more functional movements, DB’s are very effective in training an athlete’s total body.

Following are DB exercises for athletes which work both the upper and lower body. They are listed in no particular order, and can be used in conjunction with other strength movements. For all of these DB exercises, choose a DB that is moderate in weight so movements can be performed both effectively and efficiently.

– DB Bench Press

Lying flat on a bench, press both DB’s out over the chest. DB’s can be pressed simultaneously, or alternated.

– DB Curl and Press

(Biceps, Shoulders)
While standing, hold DB’s at your side. Curl them towards your shoulders, and when at the top, press them straight overhead.

– DB Bent Row

With feet shoulder width apart, bend at waist with a slight bend in your knees. While keeping your back straight, extend DB’s towards the floor, and pull back up towards body. This action is the opposite action of the DB bench press.

– DB Walking Lunges

Holding DB’s and each hand, perform walking lunges over a set distance. An ideal distance is typically up to the athlete, but about 20 feet is adequate


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