What Should We Eat to Grow Muscle?

There is a consensus of opinion on what is the best way to eat to grow muscle. Calories in, work out hard and grow muscle. While this is a very basic fact of how the body works and grows, it is not the optimal way to approach this subject. There are many factors involved in order to truly get the results that we expect. The first and most basic understanding is that we are all a bit different and what may work for one person may not necessarily work for someone else.


Basic Dietary Considerations

We get our nourishment from three basic food sources. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats each play an important role in providing our bodies with the nutrients necessary to fuel us during activities, exercise and repair for the everyday breakdown that is part of our physiologic process.


Carbohydrates provide the basic fuel for the body. This is what gives every cell in our body the energy they need to function. This is also the one nutrient that has the most variation in quality. As we are exposed to more and more processed foods it becomes difficult to know where we should turn to get the proper nutrition. This is where it is best to get back to basics. The closer our carbohydrate source comes in its natural state the better it is for us. This means fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes (the bean family) with little or no processing.


Proteins primarily come from animal and vegetable sources. For the purpose of what to eat to grow muscle, the better the quality of protein the more we will build. Animal protein is the protein of choice. That means lots of lean cuts from chicken, beef, pork and ample amounts from fish as well. This can be supplemented with shakes that contain whey, casein or pea proteins.


This is probably the least understood of the nutrients. Every nerve in our body is covered with an insulation to help the transmission of the nerve signal, this covering is primarily fat. Every cell in our body has fat in its membrane covering. It is very important to eat good fats to supply our body with this essential nutrient. One of the best to show up in some time is virgin coconut oil, it is a medium chained fatty acid that provides us with energy and the omegas we hear so much about. Fish oil, particularly Salmon, nuts, especially raw almonds, and extra virgin olive oil are great ways to ensure that we are consuming the right kinds of this nutrient.

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