How To Naturally Increase Your HGH Level, 3 Not-So-Obvious Ways

As we age, both men and women experience decline of their human growth hormone. Scientific evidence shows that the level of HGH in the body shrinks dramatically throughout the course of one’s life. The decline of HGH levels is associated with various health issues, such as increased body fat, loss of sexual drive, weakened immune system, etc.

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There are two major ways to increase your HGH level. The first is to take synthetic human growth hormone, either as injection or in form of HGH supplements. This option can be more effective, but it has its side effects. Or, you can use natural ways to boost the production of growth hormone by your pituitary gland.

The most obvious ways to increase the level of HGH are well-known. They include doing high-intensity training, balancing your diet, and getting enough sleep. In this article, though, we will look into three ways of boosting HGH production, which are less widespread, but still might work great for you. So, here we go!

  1. Don’t eat before sleep

Of course, a tip of not eating before sleep is quite a universal one because keeping food away helps you sleep well and keep fit. But it is also relevant to growth hormone. As you might know (you definitely do if you have read this article’s introduction), the intensity of HGH producing is highest during the night, specifically when you are in slow wave sleep.

Eating much before going to bed — and especially eating heavy food and/or sweets — will increase the level of insulin in your body. In turn, insulin will potentially slow HGH release during your sleep. Insulin is helpful in preventing side effects during long cycles of taking synthetic HGH, but it won’t do any good if your task is just to enhance your growth hormone levels naturally.

Also, try to reduce your sugar intake. The reason is the same — sugar is among the main sources of insulin producing and, consequently, GH preventers.

  1. Spend more time in the sun

It is not that if you spend all the time on a sunny beach, you will see a dramatic rise of your HGH levels. But some connections between exposure to sunlight and HGH producing exist. Sunshine is considered one of the most efficient ways to increase the amount of vitamin D, in the body.

Vitamin D in general, as well as sunlight exposure, are proven by scientific research to accelerate circulating IGF-1 in adults, which is also one of the effects of HGH. Besides, scientists have long known that spending time in the sun helps children with growth hormone deficiency. Therefore, it can help increase the level of growth hormone in your body, even if you are a healthy adult.

  1. Laugh more.

It might sound pretty strange, but you literally need to have more fun if you would like to increase the level of growth hormone in your body. Or, at least, that is what Berk and Tan of the Loma Linda University believe.

The research study conducted by these scientists shows that joyful laughter (and its anticipation) not only boosts endorphins but also accelerates producing HGH. Perhaps the method of laughing regularly will not have the same effect as three days per week in the gym, but it will be definitely more pleasant and much easier to accomplish.

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