Why a Belt Drive Spin Bike Should Be Your Next Fitness Investment

Spinning is a widespread fitness activity that a wide variety of people enjoy. Men and women of all ages hit the gym regularly to engage in fun and dynamic classes aimed towards weight loss and muscle toning. And due to the versatility of the sport, some choose to pursue it in their homes as well.

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Still, with so many makes and models of machines out there, which one is the most suitable? Currently, many argue that purchasing the best belt drive spin bike to use for home workouts is the way to go. And they’re certainly not wrong. Here is why this variety of stationary bicycle is the preferred selection.

Spin Bike Buying Guide

Spinning was invented three decades ago in California, and its popularity hasn’t dwindled since. The major appeal behind it is that it is a weight loss workout which emulates cycling without any of the obstacles and detriments of being outdoors. Depending on the results you want to achieve, there are various styles you can adopt on the bike.

As you most likely know by now, the vast majority of spinning around the world takes place in gyms. Plenty of establishments offer at least one type of class in this respect. What is more, there are several famous franchises which dedicate their studio space to this activity alone. All in all, if you want to cycle indoors, you have plenty of options as far as locations are concerned.

However, to profit from the possibilities offered by spinning to the fullest, nothing beats purchasing your own machine and exercising in the comfort of your home. You’d be surprised at how many people choose this alternative to save time and money in the long run. Although it is quite the initial investment, it certainly pays off over time.

To choose the best stationary bike for you, you first need to establish your budget. You can find something in any price range, but our advice would be to stick to the 500 dollars or more bracket. While it might seem like a hefty sum initially, you are buying something that will stand the test of time. And with spin classes being 20 dollars a pop, you will break even soon enough.

Then, you should have a look at its features. You need a machine that is fully adjustable, so that you exercise in the proper position. Failing to do so during spinning reduces the efficiency of the workout, and it can lead to joint pain in the long run. What is more, the right bike should also have an integrated computer with features that allow you to track your progress.

Why Choose Belt Drive

As you may already know by now, chain drive indoor bicycles use the same power transfer system as their outdoors counterparts. A roller chain passes over a sprocket and turns the flywheel while you pedal. In the case of the belt drive variety, this occurs via a tough rubber belt that is always tense to keep it from slipping

One major advantage of this system becomes obvious from this prescription. While chains need lubrication indoors as much as they do outside, a rubber belt is considerably easier to maintain. It can go for years a time without needing any touchups. When it finally stretches out and becomes loose, it can just be replaced with a new one.

Of course, this process is a bit more of an investment because it requires the assistance of a mechanic, as well as the purchasing of a new belt. Nevertheless, if you want the hassle-free experience, it’s worth the investment. And speaking of costs, belt drive bikes are more expensive overall because their perceived value is higher, as are the manufacturing fees.

However, belt drive bikes are also quieter than regular chain drive ones, which justifies the price difference to a certain extent. While the difference isn’t that dramatic, it is certainly desirable if you prefer a bit of peace and quiet. What is more, you can hear the TV or radio better over the noise it emits, so if you are definitely pedaling more comfortably.

What is more, the overall ride is smoother as well. Because the workout machine doesn’t have a chain constantly sliding over a sprocket, you will feel like you are moving on clouds. Of course, this doesn’t have the same authentic feel to it. This is something that is to be expected when you are looking at a quieter, slicker device.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing your own stationary bicycle is an excellent investment for the future of your workouts. Even if you go for something in the higher end section, it will still pay off over time. if you want to get the most bang for your buck, get a belt drive machine. It is easier to maintain, quieter, and overall smoother to ride.


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