3 Exercises For A Great Triceps Definition

The triceps brachii is a vastly popular muscle group. Comprised of three distinct heads (hence the tri or three prefix), they are used in a variety of everyday activities. The three heads that compose the triceps brachii are the lateral, long, and medial heads. Each of these aspects can be engaged by a multitude of tricep exercises.

The first of these tricep exercises is possibly the most popular: the tricep push-down. This exercise is performed by securing an attachment in the top location on an adjustable cable machine. This attachment can be a v-bar, a rope, or a single handed grip. Just about anything will work as long as the elbows are kept close to the body. The motion itself is fairly simple. Grab the desired device firmly and push it down toward the floor, feeling the strain on the tricep muscles. The arms should fully extend before retracting up. They should not go beyond parallel with the floor before executing another rep.

The second of these tricep exercises are called overhead extensions. This particular exercise also has the luxury of being executed in a multitude of ways. One can utilize a barbell, a dumbbell, or a set of dumbbells; it can also be performed seated or standing up. No matter the method used, the motion is the same. Take the weight and lift it directly above the head then lower the weight down, bending at the elbows, therefore allowing the weight to come down behind the head. The arms should not reach a position of being completely bent; the elbows should go slightly beyond a ninety degree bend in the elbows but not much more. Be sure to leave enough energy in the muscles to get the weight back up or work with a training partner.

The third of these tricep exercises are designated as tricep kickbacks. Unlike the other two exercises, tricep kickbacks are only performed with a single dumbbell, using one arm at a time. You will also need a flat bench to support your free arm and a knee to balance. With a dumbbell in one hand, position your knee and free hand on the bench so your back will align straight. Do not arch your back or round it. The arm with the weight should be brought to a ninety degree angle. Extend the arm straight back to target the tricep muscles. Bring the weight back toward the body but do not get into a swinging motion, maintain control of the weight at all times.

The key to creating great muscle definition is variety and proper form. Always remember, if you don’t see the results you’re looking for immediately, remain calm. It can take several weeks before one starts seeing results.

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