3 Steps To Burn The Fat And Keep The Muscle

No matter what specific fitness goals you may have, ultimately we all want the same thing… We want to burn the fat off wherever it may have built up, while maintaining the underling muscle.phil-heath-workout

Sure, there may be some variation in term of how much muscle we want to put on or how much fat we may want to burn off… But basically we all just want to look lean and ripped. So, how is this accomplished?

Well I used to be a chubby guy, so I’ve tried it all… And the only thing that I’ve found that works is a combination of healthy whole foods, lots of water, and regular workouts with weights.

Now that’s not to say that I don’t eat a pile of buffalo wings every now and again, or get down with a pint of late night Ben and Jerry’s, but be forwarned… If you want flat abs and some sweet looking guns then you are going to need to put in some work!

I tend to sugar coat things, but I can’t sugar coat this… Sorry.

That being said, so long as you’re not a cry-baby, chances are you’ll be able to handle this program. And when you see the results, they’ll be worth it!

Here’s how to burn the fat – keep the muscle:

1) Drink a gallon of fresh water daily

The human body is made up of anywhere from 55%-80% water at depending on hydration levels and other factors. And it’s extremely important to all kinds of internal bodily functions, including metabolic functions that are a little to complicated to explain in detail. But suffice to say that dehydration can have many negative effects! So, try drinking more water and see how great you feel. Personally I chug Italian mineral water like it’s going out of style, and like McDonald’s says “I’m lovin’ it.”

2) Whole foods…

You might not like ’em, but that’s what your body was made to eat… It’s all these weird genetically modified, hormone injected, high fructose, pesticide soaked food-stuffs that are making people fat and unhealthy. Just stick to the basics: organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, naturally raised poultry and wild caught fish. As long as you make this like 90% of your diet out of this stuff you’ll be doing great.

3) Workouts

In order to burn the fat off you need to burn a lot of calories, this is best done running, swimming, using an elliptical machine, or, even better, doing high intensity workouts with free weights. It’s really up to you how much cardio you want to do. But, if you want to keep your muscles well toned and not lose muscle mass then you need to do resistance training, and eat that protein like we talked about is step two.
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