4-Part Workout Guide For Lower Body Development

Building large legs is tough. Other body parts come much easier. From the first week you begin ab work, you will likely begin to see a bit of midsection tightening. After a few weeks of training arms, you should see some positive growth. However, when it comes to training the thighs, it takes years before you attain development which makes your legs noticeable in meaningful way. Lets look at a solid four-part workout which will help to make those results arrive much faster!

Mass builder

Always begin your leg workout with a mass builder. Squats are king and selected most often, but over time lots of bodybuilders develop knee issues making squatting unrealistic. If this is the case for you, attempt leg press or hack squats as viable alternatives. This movement is created to build up the thighs, glutes, hams, hips, as well as calves – a real mass builder. Use four sets of eight to 12 repetitions for real leg mass. Start your workout with more than enough of stretching and five to 10 minutes of walking on the treadmill to help avoid injury.


Its time to focus on the meat of your thighs. Leg presses are likely the best overall exercises for this, with smith machine squats working as well. You want to attempt to flex your thighs as much as possible. Youve just stimulated the full lower body – now its time to focus on the thighs themselves and fill the quads with nutrient-rich blood. You should be working four sets of eight to 12 repetitions in order to attain the thickness which will show through your clothes!


Hop on the adductor/abductor machine and get pumping! If the goal is to make your legs appear larger, youre going to need both inner and outer thigh sweep. Complete your repetitions in a slow and focused manner. This movement will deliver good results if you do not rush things. Use six to eight sets of a combination of these movements. Rep range needs to be in the 12 to 20 range.


Leg extensions are almost universally used for engorging the quads with blood, which will facilitate greater growth.

Use two to five sets of 12 to 30 repetitions for real leg thickness. These rep ranges might be higher than anything youve used before, but this is essential for keeping them pumped following a tough balanced workout. Additionally, you should use forced reps and certainly work to train to failure. Following your final set, you should stretch the quadriceps for five minutes, as well as then engage in five to 10 minutes of slow walking if you still possess the energy.

Its good to mix up your leg movements to keep your training fresh and to prevent your body from adapting to a particular set of exercises. However, in the path of your instinctive training, you may get yourself focusing too much on certain areas of the quads, as well as neglecting others. Dividing your routine into mass, thickness, sweep, as well as pump is a good way to avoid this pitfall, as well as stimulate some meaningful growth!

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