5 Common mistakes holding your abs hostage

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or a beginner, you can make mistakes in a process of developing muscles. Nobody has a warranty from making mistakes. But the thing you can do is to minimize your mistakes by learning from them.

For sure, training your abs you avoid carbs and exercise in a gym, but it’s not enough. If you still make mistakes in workout routine, you will hold your abs hostage.

Mistake 1. Training abs every day.

Abs muscle is just one of the muscles in your body, and you should treat it like all other muscles. The point here is that all muscles in your body need time to recover after a hard workout, and abs can’t be an exception. If yesterday you did your max, and now you feel not so exhausted and you are ready for the new height, it doesn’t mean you should do it. Your muscles need recovery and time to grow, so give them some rest.

Mistake 2. Performing only isolation ab exercises.

Doing isolation exercises is not enough. Don’t forget about compound exercises as well. You can perform deadlifts, squats and overhead presses to engage in the workout every part of your muscle.

Mistake 3. Not keeping a diet.

You can’t get ripped abs, if you don’t keep a diet. That’s so simple. To have visible abs you have to lower body fat percentage. You can do thousands of exercises, but if you don’t keep a diet, you’ll never get the six-pack.

Mistake 4. Focusing only on abs.

Your abs muscles are just a part of the area you have to develop. Don’t forget about exercises on lower back and training abs in more than just one angle.

Mistake 5. Focusing on crunches.

No doubts, crunches are good for your abs, but there are plenty of exercises which are better and more effective than traditional crunches. Don’t be stick to some definite exercises and be creative.


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