5 Keys to Lose Weight Fast

Most people go on a diet because they want to look better. A quick look in the mirror reveals some unsightly bulges in the wrong places.

They have looked at this image many times until finally they can’t stand to look at it anymore. So they decide to go on a diet.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should review a few facts about how your body works so you can select the most efficient diet plan.

Weight-Loss-Man1. Lose 3 to 10 Pounds In The First Week

A well designed eating plan will result in the loss of between 3 to 10 pounds in the first week. You eliminate all excess water that your body is now retaining.

This fast weight loss is a tremendous boost because this much weight loss is enough to affect how your clothes fit you, especially around the midsection.

This initial weight loss is the result of shedding excess water. You must not salt your food, or at least use salt to a bare minimum. Salt is responsible for your body’s water retention.

It may seem hard to not salt your food. But if you substitute spices of your liking, and some hot pepper mix of your choice, you will find that they are a great help in eliminating your salt cravings.

As a side benefit, your daily diet will contribute to lowering your blood pressure level. If you are considerably overweight, it’s almost certain that your blood pressure is too high. This happens even if you are a young person.

The reduction in carbohydrates will also eliminate water from your system. More proteins in your food intake will also lead to shedding excess water.

2. Fat Loss vs. Muscle Loss

You must understand how your body reacts to food and exercise choices that result in fat loss or muscle loss. Of course, most people aim to lose the excess fat on their bodies.

They want to eliminate those unsightly bulges that were their need to diet in the first place.

Now, most diets obviously consist primarily in reducing food intake. However, since there are various types of food items, each one may have more of an impact on fat loss not muscle loss.

This is an important factor because it can greatly influence your overall appearance when you have shed many pounds.

Most men would probably want to hang on to all their muscle mass. They only want to lose the excess fat. This requires a special combination of foods, together with weight training.

Women on the other hand may want to lose overall body size. They may want to see that slim figure they remember from their teens. So they may charge ahead with less calorie intake as much as they can.

However, women should also know that to reach their ideal figure, they must also keep enough muscle mass.

Therefore, what’s important here, for both men and women is the proper balance of carbohydrates and proteins. Sufficient proteins must be included in the diet to maintain the desired level of muscle mass.

However, a reduced level of carbohydrates must also be maintained to reduce the amount of food energy. A shortfall in energy producing foods is made up by the body by converting body fat into energy, thus reducing stored body fat.

3. How Your Body Gets Rid Of Fat

As hinted above, the reduction in carbohydrates, the body’s main energy source, forces the body to turn to stored body fat to make up for the needed energy.

This is why, a well designed eating plan, combined with the proper exercise routine can cause you to lose belly fat quickly.

It should also be noted that because of the bulky nature of fat stores, even a 10% reduction in body fat will produce a dramatic change in your overall appearance.

4. The Nutrition Factor

Nutritionists emphasize the need for proper nutrition during and after a dieting program. They remind us that great harm can be done to your body by using extreme diets.

The suggestions above are given with this caveat in mind. You must provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

5. Maintenance Eating Plan

As a way of summing up, you must also develop a “customized” version of the eating plan you used to lose all the weight you wanted.

The reason for this is that you need a maintenance plan that will allow you more freedom in your food selections, but one that will not take you back to your old eating habits.

If you don’t take this fifth factor seriously, you will join the vast majority of dieters that after losing considerable weight, they go back to their old eating habits.

When you do this, your weight and excess fat make their ugly presence felt again. You gain all the weight back again, with some extra pounds for good measure.

Be smart and adopt a well balanced maintenance eating plan. You’ll just need to do a little experimentation with the eating plan that showed you how to lose belly fat in the first place.


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