All Natural Supplements for bodybuilder to have a Fit Body

In the quest for achieving a firm and toned body, many men and women turn to supplements as an additional aid to their fitness and diet routines. There are so many different supplements on the market it can be hard to sort the healthy, beneficial ones from the ones that will end up compromising your health. Many all-natural and herbal supplements can give you that edge in the gym without damaging your body; many even improve your health.

Natural Supplements for Weight Loss:
Many supplements on the market for weight loss are nothing more thancaffeine pills with fancy packaging — others rely on dangerous diuretics andlaxatives. These supplements produce nothing more than temporary water-weightloss and sacrifice your health in the process.
One natural appetite suppressant with no known harmful side effects is HoodiaGordonnii. Hoodia Gordonni is not a stimulant and will not interrupt sleeppatterns. It also contains no diuretics, laxatives or other harmful additivesif purchased in its pure form. Hoodia Gordonni is a plant that grows in South Africa.The native Bushmen had been chewing on the leaf of this plant for hundreds ofyears, during long hunting trips, to help ward off hunger. American supplementcompanies discovered this fact and began studying this plant. They soonisolated the part of the plant effective for appetite suppression, and it isnow available in supplement form in the United States. One to four pillsdaily, preferably before each meal, can substantially decrease ones appetitewithout any additional side effects.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a natural supplement that can help the bodyburn fat more efficiently. It is an essential fatty acid that is required bythe body. Three to five grams should be taken daily in divided doses for bestresults. CLA has no known harmful side effects.Natural Energy Supplements:
A great supplement to help increase energy for workouts and everydayactivities is sub-lingual vitamin B-12. B-12 is essential for effective energymetabolism, and many people are lacking in this vitamin. B-12 supplements thatare swallowed are not as effective as sub-lingual supplements — stomach acidsquickly destroy a large portion of the B-12 that is ingested. Sub-lingual supplementsare liquid or tablets that are held under the tongue and absorbed into theblood stream very quickly. This leads to an almost immediate burst of energythat lasts several hours to help power you through your workout and other dailyactivities.
Siberian Ginseng is another great way to boost energy naturally. This herb is anatural stimulant with many other beneficial qualities. Along with boostingenergy, Siberian Ginseng increases the body’s resistance to stress, helps withworkout stamina and aids in reducing workout fatigue. Unlike vitamin B-12,Siberian Ginseng takes some time to build up to optimum levels in the body –it should be taken daily for several weeks until peak benefits are experienced.

Natural Supplements for IncreasingMuscle Mass:
The use of anabolic steroids is on the rise, and this use is compromising thehealth of many. There are natural, healthy alternatives to gaining muscle mass.One of these natural supplements is Phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserinesupplementation helps to reduce the amount of cortisol that the body producesafter a strenuous workout. Cortisol is believed to break down muscle tissue –the last thing anyone wants after a hard workout. By suppressing this cortisolproduction, more of the muscle gained after an intense workout stays and doesnot get broken right back down. Chromium is another all-natural supplement thataids in building muscle; it has an added bonus of helping to break downbody-fat. Chromium is a natural mineral, but should not be taken in dosagesabove 500 mcg per day.

There is no need to sacrifice your health when trying to lose weight and buildmuscles. Natural supplements can produce effects that are equal to or betterthan the effects of harmful synthetic pills and drugs. You only have one body,so don’t abuse it for the sake of vanity.

A UK resident, Tony Laughton is a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. Tony suggests checking online for your gym supplements, where you will find more detailed information and savings on items such as PhD diet whey.

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