Basic Muscle Building Nutrition

Inspired by the muscular difficult bodies around, eager to get that perfect body yourself? .

If yes, then you will need a proper and nutrient dieting. Strength grooming and cardio alone will not do it. In order to get that perfect body that you are drawing a bead on for for are going to have to eat right.

A well balanced and proper diet plays a vital role in muscle building. The correct diet, teamed with a proper nutrition plan can do wonders towards helping you build that perfect muscular body. Proper planning for gaining a muscular body incorporating a well balanced diet and a nutritious meal plan is not as difficult as you may think. It sure is not rocket science so no need to worry about the innumerable resources that are available around. Chances are they will just confuse you anyway, telling you to go in one hundred different directions.
The three primary components which constitute a proper diet for muscle building include…
1. protein
2. carbohydrates
3. fats

All of which need to be consumed in the right proportion and quantity. These three components are an essential component in bodybuilding.


Protein plays a very crucial role in helping build your muscles. Without protein, your body would not be able to grow to its fullest. Apart from helping your muscles grow, protein along with carbohydrate helps you gain energy for your body. Protein helps in building, repairing, and also maintaining your muscle tissues. It is also the most plentiful substance in our body, after water. Your body requires a good amount of protein when you are body building, in order to repair the muscles that get broken down in the workout and to grow after the workout is complete.


Carbohydrates constitute the primary source of energy for your body. Carbohydrates can be classified under two broad heads, simple and complex. Food items such as sugar and fruit are rich in simple carbs. They help in giving your body a quick burst of energy, by means of raising the sugar levels in your blood. Whole grains such as brown rice, potato, and whole grains are rich in complex carbs.

Complex carbs play a vital role in supplying your body with the long lasting fuel that is needed to build your muscles in the gym. You need to ensure that you have sufficient intake of complex carbs, so that your body needs the right supplement while you are working out hard in the gym banging away at the weight stack.


Fats also need to be consumed while you are working towards building your muscles. In fact, fats are always needed. You can live without carbs, but you can not do without fat. However, you need to be careful about the amount of fat that you consume. There are more than twice the calories in a gram of fat as compared to protein and carbs. It is easy to eat too much fat and get an accumulation of fat in all the unwanted areas of your body!

There are two kinds of fats, good fats and bad fats. Good fats are found in stuffs like olive oil, fish, and nuts. Bad fats are found in items like meat, vegetable oil, and eggs. It is best to work towards cutting down on the consumption of bad fats in favor of good fats.

You are what you eat, bodybuilding and muscle building require lots of healthy and balanced meals. Are you in need of some recipe ides that will help you get bigger and stronger without increasing your body-fat.

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