Best Protein Supplement For Bodybuilder

If you have your heart set on building a quantity of serious muscle mass, you will no doubt be thoughts of investing in some serious protein supplement for bodybuilder to supply your body with sufficient protein for muscle recovery and development during your severe weight training regime. But, which protein supplement for bodybuilder is best and what other supplements could you take safely to help you reach your muscle building goals as fast as possible?
I’m not talking about steroids here. I personally believe that route is silly and harmful to your body. Instead there are a few things you could consider that will significantly improve your performance in the gym and, overall, your results.

Let’s start with the basics. When you train at the gym, you create micro tears in your muscle tissue which then grow back stronger increasing your muscle size and strength. In short, your muscles adapt to cope with the stress you are putting them under and so grow bigger. To speed up this process, you need to take in extra protein for muscle recovery, otherwise it would take forever for your muscles to grow. This is done easily by the intake of protein supplements otherwise known as protein shakes.

If you’re training hard to build muscle mass then you are going to also need a supplement for bodybuilder and a lot of carbohydrates. These not only provide you with enough energy to complete your demanding workouts but give your muscles the fuel they need to recover and grow. A high carbohydrate diet is just as essential for building muscle as a high protein diet. Supplement for bodybuilder exist to provide your body with the best quality carbohydrates for the job and this is an easy way to take them in without having to eat lots and lots of food.

If you are serious about building muscle, then you need to take in enough protein for muscle growth and recovery and enough carbohydrates for the energy to complete workouts and grow. These amounts vary depending on body weight and muscle size but guideline amounts that I go by are 400g of protein a day and 1000g of carbohydrates. You shouldn’t need much more than that in one day. Even 200g and 500g respectively can give you massive gains if you are training hard.

There are also other supplement for bodybuilder that you can take to maximize your results other than protein for muscle recovery and carbohydrates for energy. Creatine for example is a great performance and recovery enhancer that is in common use among weight trainers. Some protein shakes contain creatine as well as protein and carbohydrates and a good amount of creatine to take in one day is 20g per day for an average 75kg male. Creatine dosage can be split into phases and cycles for maximum effectiveness but more on that in later articles. Another effective type of supplement is testosterone boosters or enhancers. These are not steroids but natural hormone enhancers found in plants and other natural sources. Examples include ZMA, avena sativa and tribulus (a very strong one that is borderline in my opinion). Two of these can be found in Sci-Mx’s Omni Mx Hardcore along with carbohydrates, creatine and protein for muscle growth and recovery. This makes Omni Mx Hardcore a very good protein supplement for putting on serious mass and is the one I personally used to gain all my muscle.

At last, back to the original question: Which protein shake is best for putting on serious muscle mass? Well, there are loads out there and lots of them are very effective. If you don’t want to go for Sci-Mx Omni Mx Hardcore, which is my personal recommendation, you should go for a protein shake which has about 40 to 45g of protein per serving along with 80 to 100g of carbohydrates per serving. It should also include a good amount of creatine (about 5g per serving) and a good stack of hormone support such as the above talked about products, although there are many others that are just as effective. It is a excellent idea to take maybe 4 or 5 portions of your protein supplement for every day and then make up the remains of your protein and carbohydrates by eating good clean calories for example pasta and rice and high protein meats such as chicken and fish. vital amino acids are found in foods in addition to the necessary protein for muscle growth so food should really be the main part of your diet and the protein supplement for bodybuilder second. Happy muscle building and I do wish you reach your goals.

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