Abs Workout by IFBB Lee Banks

Bodybuilder Workouts – Abs by LEE BANKS

For Lee Banks. After an unsatisfying year 2009 in which he positioned second in the heavyweight class bodybuilder of both the USA and the Nationals, Floridian Lee Banks emphasizedon one competition in 2010: the North American. Not only did he win the heavy class at the N.A., but he also too the general and thus a pro card. When hefirst footsteps on an IFBB Pro League stage this year, there’s one thing youcan bank on: Lee Banks will sport one of the best sets of abs in any contest.Here’s how he does it.


Bodybuilder workouts  abs  twice weekly in the offseason and three to four times weeklyprecontest.”

“I like that mid-to-high rangefor reps. I think 15-25 is the sweet spot for abs ”
“Cable hip/leg raises are kind of unique. I do these workouts while lying on the floor with a harness around my ankles, and it’s attached to a low cable.From legs-straight at the start, I pull my knees nearly to my face, curling myhips up at contractions.”


Cable leg/hip raises 3 15
Incline crunches 3 25
Leg raises 4 25

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