Avoiding Sore Wrists While Doing Bench Press

Tips for avoiding wrist soreness. A public injury when doing a lot of heavy pressing, for example bench and military press, is a injured wrist. This is because of the further flex-ion or hyper extension that occurs to the wrist when underneath a heavy load. This regularly occurs on days when the bodybuilder workouts their shoulders or chest muscles.
Here are three methods to avoid yourself from suffering from a sprained wrist when a bodybuilder workouts.For the purpose of this article I’ll be using the bench presses as the example workouts.
The first, is simply to warm up. The aim of a warm up before bodybuilder workouts is to make the blood pumping and the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons ready for exercise. Several trainers walk into the gym and start off lifting moderate to heavy loads lacking a thought of warming up.
A warm up before bodybuilder workouts is very essential and only takes 5-10 minutes. I would also note that dynamic stretches are more useful than static stretches.
Secondly, when a bodybuilder workouts or performing a lot of pressing movements trainers tend to focus more on just making sure they can lift the weight, opposed to lightening the load, having better technique and feeling your muscle work. For example how many people have you seen doing bench press with their wrists bent right back(hyper extended). After execution rep after rep of a bench with a bent backward wrist there is no surprise why they have a mildly sprained wrist. When you do heavy pressing movements concentrate on keeping your wrist straight, (I like to use the phrase to keep the wrist ‘rock solid’.) Doing this will decrease the chance of a sprained wrist from having your wrist at an awkward angle.
If your wrist is still sore even after keeping it straight then you may need to use some wrist wraps. Wrist wraps are elastic and wrap around the wrist and prevent it from flexing and extending. In other words wrist wraps keep your wrist in a straight ‘rock solid’ position. The use of wrist wraps will prevent your wrist from flexing or hyper extending to the point of injury.
Wrist wraps are a truly great invention and, depending on your training system could be useful for you,especially if you consistently train with heavy weights.
It is very essential that you stretch out the muscles you have been working. When lifting you are constantly contracting your muscles and they become tighter and tighter. If you are doing many bodybuilder workouts heavy pulling movements your forearms can become extremely tight resulting in a muscular imbalance in the forearm muscles. This can also be a factor in wrist injuries while performing heavy lifting.
In brief if you are a bodybuilder workouts continuously lifting heavy weights the smaller joints, for example the wrists, can reach an injury. Applying strategies such as warming up, using wrist wraps and stretching will guard you from injury. Another essential injury prevention strategy is looking at your lifting technique. If your wrists are frequently hyper flexed or hyper extended then it is only a matter of time till you suffer an injury.
Author: Matt D’Aquino

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