Training Like a Boxer Without Expensive Equipment

In the modern day gym is a huge convenience for most people andas busy as the average person is, it’s no wonder. Treadmills, weight lifting machines,cardio classes and full service locker rooms give members everything we needfor a dream workout. For anyone who has a specific purpose to their training programs such as wanting to get a lean physique like Oscar de la Hoya or becometoned like Hilary Swank, the general consensus is that you need a gym withexpensive weight lifting equipment to do so. However, this isn’t always thecase.  
There’s no workout that’s more rewarding, fun, and rigorousthan boxing fitness. It challenges you to get up when you’ve been knocked down;it requires more discipline then you ever knew you had in you and the mentalpower to persevere past your self-imposed limitations. Who needs expensivecardio and weight lifting equipment when you already have the motivation tochange up your body and mind like the pros do? Want to feel stronger, betterabout yourself and improve your endurance in a way that you can’t even imagine? Then follow our guide for the best workouts of your life.
Your Whole BodyWorkout
Nothing is as frustrating as walking into a gym and walkingout an hour later without perspiring much at all. When it feels like youhaven’t worked your body out very hard despite the expensive equipment youspend time on, it’s time to rethink how you’re doing things. If you want results from workouts, the answer is simple. As a warm up, jump rope for five minutes at atime – this will really get your heart rate going! One of the best things aboutboxing is that each workout is 60% anaerobic, meaning that each time you diveinto intense boxing exercises, you’ll maximize your time working out (asopposed to the occasional laid back gym session you’ve been known to engage infrom time to time!) As long as you have a punching bag, gloves, some stairs toclimb, your own body’s resistant to weight and some jump rope, you can not onlymaster the technique that so many others have sworn to but feel and look likeyour favorite professional boxer!
Bodybuilder Workouts To Try
If you’re really ready to get your blood pumping, your heartrate increasing and the bicep, shoulder, calf and glutes definition you’vewanted for years, it’s time to put talk into action! Here’s how to train like aprofessional boxer without any expensive equipment to invest in.

·       -Start workouts with some light cardio to warm up. Eitherjog around the block a few times or grab a cheap jump rope from the localsporting goods store.

·       -Then, begin to box by performing each of thevarious kinds of punches at 50% speed to warm up. Give yourself three minutesfor each interval and with one minute of rest in between. Each interval shouldget you about 50 punches at your bag. As you gain stamina and speed, increasethose intervals from three minutes to five minutes.

·       -Shadowbox for sixty seconds and with smooth andcontrolled punches. Make sure your feet are dancing, your punches to thephantom head and torso are rotating and that you keep your total body movingcontinuously for each round.

·       -Do three rounds of push-ups, then pull-ups forthirty to sixty seconds each.

·       -Get down on the ground for some abdominal work –crunches! Do them in sets of thirty and with a minute of rest in between eachset. You’ll feel the burn but be sure that your movements are slow andcontrolled in order to generate results.

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