6 Best Plank Variations To Try For Total Core Strength

6 Best Plank Variations To Try For Total Core Strength
Planking is an exercise that has grown in popularity in recent years. It involves holding the body in a straight position, with the legs and arms extended, for an extended period of time. Planking works to strengthen core muscles and improve balance. This type of workout can be done almost anywhere, making it a convenient and accessible form of exercise. Planking helps to increase overall strength, but not only that; it also has a calming effect on the mind.»

17 Most Effective Abs and Core Exercises To Do At The Gym

We’re all for planking your way to a stronger core. And odds are you have a handful of go-to bodyweight abs exercises that you do on the mat when you’re cooling down. But if you’ve ever wondered how you can work your abs with the equipment available at your gym, we’ve got you covered with 17 creative and effective ways to take your abs routine up a notch. Killer core moves using some of the most common gym equipment: a pull-up bar, cable machine, Bosu ball, abs roller, TRX straps, and barbell.»

Rock Solid Abs & Core With These 11 Plank Variations

Eight hours and one minute: That’s the world record for longest-held plank! But you don’t have to be a planking superstar (thank goodness!) to get the full-body strengthening benefits that planks provide. And more than just chiselled abs, strengthening your core with planks will help prevent back injuries and help maintain a healthy posture. Planks are also easy to learn, and you can do them at home, in your office or whilst travelling, so there’s no excuse to avoid them!»

5 Easy Ways To Get Six Pack Abs

If you’re looking for an easy way to get a six pack, you need to be prepared to make some drastic changes in your lifestyle! If you are super-active but have a beer belly, it’s very possible to get a six pack in a relatively short amount of time! You must, however be committed to making this goal happen. Look at the five lifestyle changes you have to undergo and think – would you rather have bad, unhealthy foods or have a great body?»

Diet For Abs – Step by Step to Ripped Sexy Six Pack Abs

Are you set on flattening your tummy or maybe you have a burning desire to show off a six pack stomach? Well, that goal is well within reach, you may just not know where to start. Many times, we get so wrapped up in how awesome we would look and feel and immediately jump into a less than perfect plan to achieve those six pack abs.   Your results may have been less than spectacular.»

A Killer Lower Abs Workout For 8 Pack Abs

A proper lower abs workout is what separates good abs from great abs. The hallmark of an amazing physique these days are 6 pack abs. While 6 pack abs are a great thing to shoot for, why not aim for 8 pack abs. Here is how that is accomplished.     Various Leg Raises Are the “Holy Grail” of Ripped Abs! Nothing will create a hard washboard stomach like leg raises.»

How to Make Six Pack Abs Naturally – Learn 5 Simple Facts

There are 5 simple facts you need to learn in order to make six pack abs. I was tired of of trying different machines and sweating it out to the oldies only to lose a pound here and there but never getting lasting change. About a year ago I discovered I didn’t need to buy fancy fitness machines to get the results I wanted, I discovered that I needed to educate myself about nutrition and how to workout properly for maximum effect.»

5 Exercises to Develop Perfect Obliques

5 Oblique Exercises to Sculpt Your Abs While it’s important to train your abs to strengthen your core as well as make you look more attractive, many people forget or just don’t know how to train the obliques.     The obliques are found on each side of your midsection and go from the side of your abdominals up towards the last. Having well-trained obliques is not only good because of how they make you look in front of a mirror but also when you need to perform compound exercises.»

Awesome Upper Body Muscle Building Exercises

The reason a lot of people focus on upper body muscle building is because that is the first part of the body we usually see when looking in the mirror. Upper body muscle building also signals a lot of things to society, such as strength, power, health and confidence, to name a few.   We will in this article look into some essential upper body muscle building exercises that you can apply to your workout routine and enjoy the results with the consistent work you are putting into it.  »

How to get a six pack in a month A blueprint for maximum results

Let me get straight to the point and say that if you want to know how to get a six pack in a month you had better be prepared to work hard and be focused because it is not easy. That said it is not impossible but requires a level of commitment, discipline and dedication that most people I meet are not able to reach. However if you think you have what it takes to go that step further and take get a stand out body then keep reading.»
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