A Diet For Six Pack Abs – The Truth About Protein, Carbs and Fat

Want to learn how to really diet for six pack abs? You do not have to be confused over all the claims out there. In this article you will learn what you really should be eating to melt away the belly fat and reveal your six pack abs. First of all you should be watching what you eat. I know it is the most obvious point but it needs to be said.»

5 Workouts For a Stronger Core

Although nothing can compare to compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, overhead press and barbell rows when it comes to working the core muscles, sometimes the core also need some specialized work. Here are 5 workouts that work your core directly. You can do them at the end of every workout: Workout #1 Exercise #1 – Hanging leg raises Number of sets: 4 Number of reps: 10 on both sides Hold onto a pull-up bar and let yourself hang while keeping the back rigid.»

10 Tips for Building Muscle for Beginners

Many people trying to build muscle simply follow the guides they find in health magazines. The problem with those plans is that the people endorsing them do not regularly follow them, are genetically gifted, or never started training the way they are suggesting you do. The plans found in magazines will not make you gain muscle, and will only lead to disappointment and possibly injury. Before building massive muscles, most people need to build up a foundation first.»

7 Best Workout Routines to Build Muscle

If you are trying to build muscle, you need to know all about workout routines. Different workout exercises stimulate certain muscle growth. To build certain muscles, you need to know what exercises target that area for growth. Here is a list of common workout routines and the areas and muscles they target. 1.Bench press The bench press is one of the most common workout routines. You lay on a flat bench and lift a barbel weight.»

7 Rules For Great Abs in 3 Weeks!

Are you ready to toss in the towel on fat loss for good? Having a proper diet for abs is very important. In order to get six pack abs you must eat the right foods that will teach your body to burn belly fat and build muscle right? Here is how.  Have breakfast every morning. It helps set the trend for the rest of the day so you do not feel like binging at the vending machine around noon time.»

Lose Your Love Handles With the Dumbbell Side Bend

Give your love handles a healthy dose of hate with the one move everyone does wrong. BY ROB FITZGERALD Forging a solid midsection is as much about diet and cardio as rocking out endless crunches. But when it comes to taking decisive action against love handles, most guys aren’t sure what exercise will best attack the problem. The single most popular‚ and most misused‚ exercise for your obliques is the dumbbell side bend.»

Shredded Abs Without Ab Exercises

Forget crunches and leg raises, get ripped abs from performing your favorite lifts. Some think they need to perform thousands of sit-ups and crunches to get their abs to pop. It’s what bodybuilders do, and they have shredded abs, but so do many weightlifters, sprinters, and gymnasts—and ab training is usually a small part of their workouts, if it’s done at all. If your abs are nonexistent, but your diet is in order, the problem may be that you’re performing too many isolation exercises or relying too much on machines.»

Sofa Workout

You probably have never heard this before in relation to exercise but you really are going to need a sofa for this one (and probably a TV for the sofa to make sense). Next time you’re sitting it out watching your favourite show and the ads come on get your body working with a little sofa-assisted action. Do this every time you sit in front of the Telly and before you know it you’ll be rocking a new bod without the hassle of having to hightail it down to the gym.»
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