The Correct Way to Build Your Biceps – Guaranteed!

There are for sure many ways to build your biceps. This is just one of many… Though when I hit the gym I see many people carrying really heavy weights, but after a few months they have only little growth. The answer is they aren’t doing the routine correctly. Here is one way to increase the size of those biceps of yours. You should rely less on the machines, and more on the free weights.»

7 Best Workout Routines to Build Muscle

If you are trying to build muscle, you need to know all about workout routines. Different workout exercises stimulate certain muscle growth. To build certain muscles, you need to know what exercises target that area for growth. Here is a list of common workout routines and the areas and muscles they target. 1.Bench press The bench press is one of the most common workout routines. You lay on a flat bench and lift a barbel weight.»

Biceps Injuries During Muscle Building

Injuries are common in bodybuilding. Sometimes, they happen due to wrong execution techniques during workouts. This time, we’re going to reveal four types of biceps injuries that are common among bodybuilders and athletes in various sports. There are four basic types of bicep tendon injuries. The first is known as tendinitis (acute)/tendinosis (chronic) which usually occurs or is brought about from overuse or in proper biomechanical wear. The second is bicep tendon dislocations.»

How to Get Bigger Arms With Push Ups

  When push-ups are mentioned, first thing that comes to mind is probably chest training. Push ups are primarily a chest exercise, but with a little modification they can become a very good exercise for your arms and shoulders. Regular pushups do work your arms to a lesser degree, but push up variants such as the biceps push up or the diamond pushup target your triceps and biceps more. Do these two exercises 2 to 3 times a week to build your arms.»

Arm Training: Build Strong and Muscular Forearms

Build a deathgrip and massive forearm muscle with this quick and simple workout. othing you can train your forearms with will ever give you the kind of pump you get from a wrist roller. When you’re finished, your veins are popping like crazy, and your forearms are growing so quickly that people are starting to think you actually have a job. There’s just one problem: your shoulders. You want to make faster progress, but holding the roller at arm’s length restricts both the number of sets you can perform and the amount of weight you can use.»

Biceps Training: Build Arms Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

How did Arnold build his iconic biceps? With hard work—and lots of it. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s guns are arguably the most famous in human history, and rightly so. Stretching the tape to a full 22 inches, they weren’t just the biggest of his day (the late-’60s to the mid-’70s) but also the most ideally shaped. Arnold kept things basic and brutal, yet made sure to cover his bases by including exercises that he considered mass builders, and others that isolate the biceps.»

Power Bodybuilding: Shock and Awesome Biceps

Stubborn body parts need to learn their lessons the hard way. They might be 20 inches around now, but even for years after I started training, my arms were one of my weakest body parts. Because I started out with a powerlifting approach to training, I didn’t give much dedicated attention to my biceps. Then, when I did start training them specifically, they didn’t respond in the way I wanted. Frustrated, I started overtraining.»
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