Mass Building Workout – 7 Exercises For an Explosive Chest

The easiest way to gain mass and encourage muscle growth it to focus on and target the big muscles in your body. Your pectoral muscles are the large muscle group in your chest. Many exercises that target them also build up secondary muscles in your triceps and shoulders. For these reasons your chest or pectoral muscles are a great place to workout when trying to gain muscle mass. I’d like to share with you 7 exercises that you should incorporate into your routine which are great for building up your chest muscles.»

3 Most Efficient Exercises to Build Chest Muscles

In order to build muscles you need to work out all muscles in your body including deltoids, pectorals, triceps and biceps. Let’s not forget our chest muscles as this is one of the reason some men are more attractive than others. Here are 3 very effective exercises you can perform to build more muscles in your chest area: 1. Pushups. These types of exercises are preferred by many due to the fact that they are very efficient and you do not need any type of extra equipment.»

Bench Press To Build Chest Muscle Fast

Big Bench Press Program for Strength and Size   The bench press is the king of upper body exercises. It’s the most revered measure of a young lifter’s weight lifting acumen and will add slabs of beef to the pecs, shoulders, and triceps few exercises can match. Not surprisingly, the bench press has achieved near-mythic status in most gyms, so much so that there’s no doubt a bill currently before Congress proposing Monday be officially renamed Bench Press Day.»

Perfect 7 Techniques To Build The Upper Chest

Speed up your lagging upper-chest development with these 7  exercises and techniques!   If your chest workout is always ordered something like this—flat bench press, incline press, decline press, fly—you’ve got all the makings of a complete chest workout. That’s not to say, however, that you’re going to have complete chest development. If you’re always doing a middle-chest movement first, when your energy levels are highest, and attacking your upper and lower chest when you’re fatigued, guess which region will eventually start to lag?»

Superset Chest Workout – The Best 4 Superset For Bigger Chest

The chest is one of the most popular muscle groups to train amongst the fitness and bodybuilding community. From the exercises to the awesome pump, nothing is comparable. Supersets are a highly underutilised tool which can be very powerful for making muscle gains. Essentially, a superset is where you perform one exercise immediately after another with no rest. Here are some of the best chest supersets which you should incorporate into your next workout to really get your chest pumped!»

6 tips to Build Chest Muscles Fast

I can understand why a lot of people want to build chest muscles fast, because having a massive or wide chest shows that you are healthy, you workout, it looks good in your outfit and also shows that you have power. We will in this article go through some tips to build chest muscles fast and it is important to notice that all of the tips has as equal importance as the others and should be prioritized equally if you want to build chest muscles fast.   Tips to build chest muscles fast Tip #1 to build chest muscles fast The first tip to build chest muscles fast is to know what exercises you need to work with.»

Awesome Upper Body Muscle Building Exercises

The reason a lot of people focus on upper body muscle building is because that is the first part of the body we usually see when looking in the mirror. Upper body muscle building also signals a lot of things to society, such as strength, power, health and confidence, to name a few.   We will in this article look into some essential upper body muscle building exercises that you can apply to your workout routine and enjoy the results with the consistent work you are putting into it.  »

Frank Zane’s Chest Training Tips

At his peak, bodybuilding legend Frank Zane had the most aesthetic, perfectly-proportioned muscular physique of all time – and he still holds the status of a personification of the ultimate masculine physical beauty to this very day. Most recently, Zane (74) shared some surprisingly honest advice for chest training for all lifters out there who are looking to increase the width and thickness of their pecs. In his article, he claims that “as you age, ditching the bench press isn’t such a bad idea”.»

Blow Up Your Chest With the Landmine Chest Press

A well developed chest is a must-have for a symmetrical, balanced upper body musculature. We’ve all noticed that having a weak chest is as detrimental to the overall appearance as having a weak back – almost no one could admire a guy who sports pumped arms and chiseled abs with a relatively flat chest seated in the middle. For a wholesome impressive physique, your chest should be your key upper body attribute that brings everything together.»

Build Huge Trapezius Muscles With New Trap Exercises

  Oh the “traps” or Trapezius muscles and their many exercises. I was in the gym a few days ago and saw a guy pounding away on the shrugs. He was doing shrugs with a 110lb dumbbell in each hand. He was lifting the weight a total of 1 inch on each rep. The weight was so heavy; he couldn’t do the movement properly. Not only that, but he was trying to heave so much weight, he was exhausted after only four unsuccessful reps.»
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