Fire Up Your Leg Training

To fire up your leg training, perform barbell lunges with moderated weights and instead of put back the bar on the rack, start to do immediately regular squats with the same weight. To make it even harder (only 4 advanced folks), start with lateral lunges, then regular lunges and finally the squats. Your legs will beg for mercy, I can guarantee! What is better, it boosts your metabolism and promote crazy muscle growth!»

Supersets For Super Human Size & Strength

Supersetting is one of the most powerful muscle-building techniques you can use—and that’s not conjecture but scientific fact. Just as the name suggests, supersets can produce some spectacular superhuman results—plus, they’ll give you a big psychological kick as well. When you superset, you move from one exercise to another without taking a rest. You can superset opposing, or antagonistic, muscle groups, such as the biceps and triceps, or use two movements for the same muscle group, such as barbell curls and preacher curls.»

Research: Bigger Legs Improve Heart Health

A recent study has revealed that leg size can make all the difference in heart health. Scientists from Denmark monitored almost 3,000 people for more than 10 years for progress of heart disease and total death. Those with a leg size just below 22 inches (measured at the top of the leg) had about double the risk of developing cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases, in addition to total death, over those 10-plus years.»

How to Get Fit When you are Out of Shape and Don’t Have Much Time

If you’re like most people, you have a job where you spend your entire day sitting and you have very little free time. Because of this, you don’t really exercise, despite the knowledge of the benefits of exercise and the health risks of a sedentary life. If you’ve let yourself get out of shape, it’s time to start working to become fit again. So take a few minutes out of your day to help your health.»

How squats can work your upper body

Workouts of the squat is a dreaded exercise shun by many wimps. In line with the motto ‘no pain no gain’, because the squat is such a demanding exercise, it is also an excellent all-round one for the legs, arguably the best overall leg exercise. However, its benefits are not restricted to the lower body as well. Find out how the squat targets the upper body too. Some physics The squat can be regarded as whole-body workouts to build muscle.»

Kai’s Greene Calves Workout

Last year’s seventh at the Olympia was considered a major step backwards for Kai Greene, the sort that had many, including Greene himself, reevaluating his career. But let’s put it in perspective. First, even on his biggest off-day in four years, he missed the Olympia posedown by a single place. In other words, even at his worst, he was still the seventh best bodybuilder in the world! Second, let’s not forget that before then he had won five of his previous six contests.»

Squat and Deadlift Workout – Legs, Lower Back, and Abs

Max Effort Squat WorkoutWarm up with 10 minutes on the concept 2 rowing machine (ergometer).Low box squats pyramiding up in weight to a max effort heavy set of 3 reps.Lying leg curls 5 sets of 5 reps.High rep partial deadlifts 2 sets of 20 reps.Pull Down Abs 5 sets of 10 reps.Pull Throughs with low pulley cable 3 sets of 10 reps.»

Bodyweight Leg Curls Glute Hamstring Workout

Looking for an awesome hamstring and glute exercise? Then try doing stability ball leg curls. This movement hits the hamstrings and glutes from a unique angle and because you are moving your entire body with the exercise it will have a higher level of neuromuscular activation in the muscles compared to exercises that you just move your limbs (such as the lying leg curl machine). All you need to do this exercise is a stability ball.»

Branch Warren Quads Workout

His workout is like no other. If you still undertake one, you best be ready to provide your muscles some hot chicken soup, a foil coat, and some sorrow psychotherapy. Regardless of his surroundings, God-given genetics, travel schedule, and duties required to run his freight company and crop farm, Branch maintains the intensity of a Yellowstone buffalo looking to break your liver because you took a picture with her calf. Call me sordid or submissive, but I always ensure that I visit the Texan when a leg session will fall during my stay at the Warren household. The enduring pain of physical manipulation with the 2011 Arnold Classic winner leads me to believe that Dante got it all wrong.»
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