Bodybuilder Kai Greene posing & interview – Mr Olympia #4

Huge bodybuilder Kai Greene shows off his amazing back, arms and calves and does an interview. This was from Sportsnation as a promo for the Mr. Olympia 2010 competition. Hosts Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd do the interviewing. This is the 4th segment of my videos from the show.»

How To Deadlift: Proper Form & Technique Guide

Having a powerful back will get you a greater amount of bodybuilding titles than any other muscle group. Take a glance at the names of former Mr. Olympia champions. Dorian Yates used his unusually massive & thick back to beat out bodybuilders who had much better chest & arms. Ronnie Coleman also found this handy. They had a wider back than somebody else, & they used his back to out shine the other competitors & win the Mr.»

Blast Your Chest

    By: Planet Muscle It was one of those rare moments where I thought I was dreaming. In fact, that would be putting it mildly! It was one of those rare moments in my 18 years when I was so blown away by what I was experiencing that I can barely describe it to you. It was 1978, the event, the Southern Cup Bodybuilding Championships in Tampa, Florida. I had just witnessed top Mr.»
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