BOOST Testosterone Naturally Without Drugs or Danger

Who else is looking for a safe, easy and 100% natural way to boost testosterone? If you are anything like most of our readers, the truth is, over the age of 25 or so… you are losing more testosterone with every passing month, and this can have a bevy of negative side effects across all sorts of male performance metrics. (from the bedroom, to the boardroom the beach and beyond). Simply stated, testosterone is linked to body mass, energy, mood, performance, sexual virility and so much more.»

According To Science, Why Low Calorie Diets Don’t Work In The Long Run

Anyone who’s ever attempted to stick to an extremely low-calorie diet will be able to tell you that they don’t work in the long-run and you inevitably end up putting the weight back on and more. And now a leading British neuroscientist has revealed why this happens. According to Dr. Jason McKeown, one of the country’s leading young neuroscientists, highly calorie-restricted diets is destined to fail when it comes to long-term weight loss because our brains will try and override the results.»

The Only 4 Muscle Building Supplements You’ll Ever Need

The fitness supplement industry is making billions every year with countless supplements being put on the market, causing a real headache for people who are beginners and just starting out with fitness on what the best choice is. The fact is that the majority of the supplements are garbage, and won’t help you at all. Buying them will only make supplement companies richer and nothing more.   The majority of people have so many questions buzzing through their heads on what to take, how much to take, is it too much, is it enough.»

Creatine Effects on the Body – What it Does and How it Works

Creatine is one of the most popular sports training supplements in the world and is used by hardcore weightlifters and elite athletes because it works. Some people are concerned that there may be some negative creatine effects on the body but there is little information about any possible negative effects and it is very safe to use for most people. Creatine works by facilitating the regeneration of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the primary fuel source our muscles use when performing any type of physical work.»

Does Protein Powder Have Side Effects?

Lots of people are health conscious now and strive to maximize their health via correct diet and exercise. One of the most used tools in the goal to become as healthy as possible are protein shakes, especially with bodybuilders and athletes. However many people wonder exactly what they are doing to their body by drinking many grams of highly processed protein every day. Fortunately most people will not experience any side effects when consuming a typical amount of protein on a daily basis.»

What Is the Best Time to Consume Protein for Optimal Muscle Building?

We don’t need to mention that protein is the number one macronutrient responsible for optimal muscle growth. Consuming adequate amounts of protein is the most important nutrition rule followed by bodybuilders, powerlifters, fitness enthusiasts and anyone that wants to improve their body composition. Regardless of how intense and heavy your workouts are; the muscles won’t grow unless you consume amino acids which are the comprising parts of protein. Protein is the main building block of muscle tissue and it is the most essential nutrient that cannot be substituted.»

Bodybuilding and Testosterone: Beginners Guide

There are known benefits associated with keeping fit. Apart from achieving a well-toned body, the biggest benefits of exercising are health related such as the boost of one’s mental wellbeing by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, it increases the levels of self-esteem and confidence, reduces the development of heart diseases, high cholesterol, and blood pressure. There are different forms of exercising one of them being bodybuilding. For anyone venturing into this form of exercise for the first time, there are important things to keep in mind in order to be prepared on what to expect.»

Four Supplements Proven to Pack on Muscle, Fast

With muscle-bound superheroes and action movie stars seemingly everywhere we look these days, it’s no wonder that the world appears to once again be muscle mad, with more and more people now lifting weights in an attempt bulk up and beef up than there have been in years. With movie stars such as Hugh Jackman or The Rock being idols for a number of people all over the world, it seems as if people are swapping the TV remote for a set of dumbbells but unfortunately are just not seeing the results that they were hoping for.»

Calories You Need to Build Muscle

By following (The Harris Benedict Formula) you can find out exactly how much calories a day to build muscle.   1. Determine your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. Using Pounds Men: BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) – ( 6.8 x age in year ) Using Kilos Men: BMR = 66 + ( 13.7 x weight in kilos ) + ( 5 x height in cm ) – ( 6.8 x age in years ) 2.»

Top 6 Exercises to Build Chest Muscles

The chest muscle is an extremely important muscle and this post will cover some very effective exercises to build chest muscles with. Before going into the exercises, I want to focus on the importance of having the right nutrition. Without proper nutrition, you won’t be able to build chest muscles that stand out. Having the right kind of nutrition is the main ingredient for awesome chest muscles. The Exercises 1- Incline Bench Press with Dumbbells: This exercise is excellent for your upper chest area.»
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