Ronnie Coleman talks about his Olympia comeback at the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival

Hear exclusive comments from the living legend himself, Ronnie Coleman, as he weighs in on the possibility of coming back to the Mr. Olympia stage in 2010. Provided by BSN, the world leader in cutting-edge physique, energy, and performance products.»

4 Exercises & Workouts To Smash Size into Your Triceps

  Guns, cannons, pythons… there’s numerous nicknames for gigantic arms. If you are a real lifter, you know as well as I do that these nicknames not only apply to the biceps, but to the triceps as well. A real bodybuilder knows that the three heads of the triceps is what comprises two-thirds of the upper arm. Triceps are the primary pushing muscles of the upper arm. They assist on press of the upper body, barbell bench press of angle, flat, incline, or decline, dumbbell bench press, shoulder presses of variety… these lifts are all assisted via the tris. Obviously building them is extremely important when developing the physique to standards of excellence.»

Great Shoulder Workout

By request, I have endeavored to write a complete & concise news story on training shoulders. While you do not see lots of shoulder training in my current BC articles, that is because as I noted in them they train shoulders a lot in weightlifting class, along with biceps, so I needn’t. However, before then I did train shoulders a bit, &; I can tell you that the time I saw my shoulders swell THE most was in the coursework of weightlifting class while I was in wrestling &; even more afterwards when I didn’t must worry about weight &; diet.»
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