Post Workout nutrition: 3 Tricks to Keep Your Muscles Growing

Are you concerned about your post workout nutrition? This is a good thing to be worried about. You can really sabotage your results if you do not eat the right things immediately after your workout. Luckily, this article will tell you exactly what to do make sure that your muscle growth does not become halted. Trick #1: Use Water to Save the Day You have just finished working your heart out and now you have sweated out all of the good nutrients you took in during the course of the day.»

Diet For Abs – Step by Step to Ripped Sexy Six Pack Abs

Are you set on flattening your tummy or maybe you have a burning desire to show off a six pack stomach? Well, that goal is well within reach, you may just not know where to start. Many times, we get so wrapped up in how awesome we would look and feel and immediately jump into a less than perfect plan to achieve those six pack abs.   Your results may have been less than spectacular.»

What Should We Eat to Grow Muscle?

There is a consensus of opinion on what is the best way to eat to grow muscle. Calories in, work out hard and grow muscle. While this is a very basic fact of how the body works and grows, it is not the optimal way to approach this subject. There are many factors involved in order to truly get the results that we expect. The first and most basic understanding is that we are all a bit different and what may work for one person may not necessarily work for someone else.»

8 Tips How Lose Fat without Losing Muscle

8 Tips How Lose Fat without Losing Muscle   Not too long ago, I covered how to lose fat. The thing is, there’s a second important topic that always needs to be covered right along with it. And that is: how to lose fat WITHOUT losing muscle. Wait… what?!?!?! Did I just imply that you can lose your pretty hard-earned lean muscle mass while only trying to lose your ugly body fat???»

What to Eat Before, During and After a Workout

Most of us tend to completely forget about nutrition the moment we start enjoying our workouts and the sculpting of our body. By thinking that we deserve to reward ourselves for our hard efforts, we resort to instant gratification in the shape of unwise food choices and empty calories. But at the end, what kind of fuel we put inside our organism is what separates success from failure and you have the power to make food your best ally instead of worst enemy.»

5 Crucial Carb Tips

If you’re one of those avid bodybuilders whose goal is to gain as much muscle mass as possible while shedding their excess fat at the same time, this is the article for you.   Bodybuilders typically take an extremist approach to both gaining muscle and losing fat. While bulking, they eat a ridiculous amount of food to feed their growing muscles, but during the cutting phase, they eat like birds in the hope of achieving a lean and chiseled look.»

How To Create The Perfect Diet Plan For Your Workout Goal

If your diet plan isn’t what it needs to be, your workout routine will fail completely no matter how perfect it is. This is not an exaggeration. You could be using the single greatest workout program ever created and it will get you absolutely nowhere if you aren’t eating in a way that supports your goals. What I’m trying to say is, your diet plan is equally as important as your workout routine (if not more so) in terms of getting the results you want to get.»

Will Skipping Breakfast Make You Lose Fat Faster?

    We’ve all been taught since childhood that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Every day, our parents told us that if we wanted to be strong and healthy we’d need to eat our breakfast, even though most of the time we wouldn’t want to. And they were right, breakfast is vital to your overall health and if you eat the right foods it will set up you up for a productive day and make you feel more energized. Besides your body will thank you for nourishing it so early during the day.»

Top 20 Muscle Building Tips For Vegetarian – Become a Muscular Vegetarian

20 Tips For The Vegetarian Bodybuilder!   If you are a vegetarian, I am quite sure that a lot people have been asking you how vegetarian muscle building is possible, how you get your protein in? But it is a huge misconception that it is not possible to get protein from a vegetarian muscle building diet. It can be easier to get protein from different sources when you do eat meat, but as you probably know by now, it is not very healthy to eat meat in general. Vegetarian eating is catching on with more people every day.»

Eating For Mass – Two Week Nutrition Plan to Help you Build Muscle

To bulk or not to bulk ? That’s the question that many young trainees ask themselves and very often switch between extremely strict diets and extremely loose ones. For bodybuilders that aim to build muscle mass, bulking was the only good way to do it – they would just bulk up, gain muscle and fat simultaneously and then they would start a strict diet to cut the fat (and some muscle as well). »
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