2012 Mr. Olympia: Can Jay Cutler Repeat History?

Winning 2012 Mr. Olympia would be the best career finale and would be the return of the king. Jay Cutler would take away the Mr. Olympia title from the same man who took it away from him the previous year. It happened in 2009 when he beat reigning champ Dexter Jackson after losing it in 2008. If Jay can repeat that feat next year I think he should then retire.»

Jay Cutler and Phil Heath at MuscleTech Headquarters

The morning of Muscletech’s Headquarters big day with Mr. Olympia champions Phil Heath and Jay Cutler! Jay Cutler and Phillip Heath came to Team MuscleTech HQ . The fans have voted and MuscleTech is filming an epic chest-training session with the two Mr. Olympia champions! See them go head-to-head behind the scenes at Team MuscleTech HQ in the following photos                                   Source : Official MuscleTech»
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