Secrets To Get Six Pack Quick

When trying to Get Six Pack and achieve an effective abdominal workout you must remember one important lesson first. All the sit-ups, crunches and leg lifts in the world will not give you the famed “6 pack” stomach if you have a high degree of abdominal body fat. Therefore, dietary restrictions become as important to success for the stomach as does the type of exercises that you do For the best results you must consider these basic principles for working the abs.»

2012 Arnold Classic: $130,000 to the Winner!

The 2012 Arnold Classic prize money goes up in value. This year is no different. The Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Competition’s first place prize is $130,000. Check out the List Below for the entire breakdown. Arnold Classic 1st Place: $130,000 2nd Place: $75,000 3rd Place: $50,000 4th Place: $30,000 5th Place: $15,000 6th Place: $10,000 7th through 15th: $2,000 Best Poser: $10,000 Strongman 1st Place: $45,000 2nd Place: $20,000 3rd Place: $15,000 4th Place: $10,000 5th Place: $8,000 6th Place: $6,000 7th Place: $5,000 8th Place: $3,000 9th Place: $2,000 10th Place: $1,000»

Branch Warren To Defend Title At 2012 Arnold Classic

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Branch Warren will return to the competitive stage for the first time in nearly a year when he defends his title at the 24th Annual Arnold Classic at the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival. Warren, who won the Arnold Classic and the British Grand Prix in March 2011, did not compete in the 2011 Olympia due to an injury. He will face three-time Arnold Classic champ and 2011 Arnold Classic Europe runner-up Dexter Jackson, 2011 Arnold Classic runner-up Dennis Wolf and 2011 fourth-place finisher Evan Centopani in an international field of 14 competitors.»

2012 Arnold Classic Competitor List

The 24th Annual 2012 Arnold Classic will be held March 2-3 at Veteran Memorial and the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio during the Arnold Sports Festival. 2012 Arnold Classic Invite List: Fouad Abiad Gustavo Badell Lionel Beyeke Matthias Botthof Evan Centopani Eduardo Correa Brandon Curry Dexter Jackson Michael Kefalianos Ben Pakulski Shawn Rhoden Branch Warren Ben White Dennis Wolf»

2012 Mr. Olympia: Can Jay Cutler Repeat History?

Winning 2012 Mr. Olympia would be the best career finale and would be the return of the king. Jay Cutler would take away the Mr. Olympia title from the same man who took it away from him the previous year. It happened in 2009 when he beat reigning champ Dexter Jackson after losing it in 2008. If Jay can repeat that feat next year I think he should then retire.»

Jay Cutler and Phil Heath at MuscleTech Headquarters

The morning of Muscletech’s Headquarters big day with Mr. Olympia champions Phil Heath and Jay Cutler! Jay Cutler and Phillip Heath came to Team MuscleTech HQ . The fans have voted and MuscleTech is filming an epic chest-training session with the two Mr. Olympia champions! See them go head-to-head behind the scenes at Team MuscleTech HQ in the following photos                                   Source : Official MuscleTech»
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