Nice and Simple Chest Workout

By James Collier BSc (Hons) RNutr, Nutrition ConsultantHere’s a nice and simple chest routine to try for a few weeks. It’s not based on any specific training principles, just good old hard training. Ideally do this once per week, and you’ll probably need a spotter. Rest periods should be enough for you to feel ‘ready’ for the next rep, and the whole workout need only take 25-30 minutes – ideal for the busy trainer.

Start with a couple of basic upper body stretches, and then move onto the bench press. I’d recommend 2-3 warm up sets to really make sure the chest is supple and ready for heavier weights. Follow this with a set with a weight you can comfortably perform 8-10 reps, then a maximum weight set of 5-8 reps. For your final set you may wish to attempt this weight again, or drop it slightly for more reps.

Next is dumbbell flyes. For your first set, choose a weight where you can comfortably perform 10-12 reps; then for your second and third sets, use a weight aiming for 6-8 reps. (However, don’t stop at 8 if you can do more – keep going until exhaustion).
The final exercise is weighted dips. Remember to lean forward slightly to feel it more on the chest than on the triceps. The first set should be with bodyweight only and do slow and controlled reps, as many as possible. For the second and third set add 10 – 30kg around a dipping belt (as much as you feel comfortable with) and try to do at least 8 reps, again nice and slowly. Don’t worry if you can’t do dips with additional weight though, just use your bodyweight and go from there.

And that’s that! Your chest should feel completely worked and pumped. To summarise:


Bench press
– 3 x warm up
– 1 x 8-10 reps
– 2 x 5-8 reps

Dumbbell flyes
– 1 x 10-12 reps
– 2 x 6-8 reps

Dips (weighted)
– 1 x bodyweight as many as possible
– 2 x 8+ reps

source : The MuscleTalker – Issue 68

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