Choose your diet!

The word diet itself means a daily food allowance. It’s not only food and drink in general; it is also reduction of calorie intake to lose weight.

Nowadays most of the people keep a diet from time to time. It became something more than just to be healthy and eat good food, it became a trend. It’s so popular that it became a trend. People become crazy about dieting.

There are hundreds, and even thousands of different kinds of diet. Some diet will help you to gain weight, some – to lose, and some of them can even lower your cholesterol or help to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Below you can see the list of most popular diets:


Atkins diet

Atkins diet doesn’t allow to eat carbohydrates, including fruits, vegetables and whole grain. In fact, you can eat only protein meals: meat, milk, eggs and some kinds of vegetables.

Zone diet

This diet is oriented on stabilizing insulin level and nutritional balance. It includes as protein, as carbs. The diet is quite helpful and can boost weight loss.

Vegetarian diet

You can easily guess that keeping a vegetarian diet, you will not be able to eat meat products and animal-based foods, except eggs and diary. This is not the best diet for losing weight, but for people who keep vegetarian lifestyle, that’s the only choice.

Blood group diet

This diet requires you to eat certain types of food depending on your blood group. Type A keep vegetarian diet, Type O can eat meat, Type B are omnivores and Type AB have a mixed diet.

Those, who have Type AB, are stuck to vegetarian diet, but with occasional intake of meat.


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